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Some of the most devastating injuries result in wrecks involving motorcyclists. While these vehicles are certainly fun to ride, the lack of safety protections afforded their riders leave motorcyclists vulnerable to the negligence of other drivers. Severe injuries are likely, even when the rider is wearing protective gear.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to the negligence of another motorist, their negligence should not be taken lightly. A personal injury lawsuit could be a powerful method to get the financial compensation you deserve. An experienced Southampton motorcycle accident lawyer could help you seek fair legal recourse for your damages.

Why are Motorcycle Crashes so Dangerous?

Motorcyclists can suffer injuries ranging from severe to minor, like anyone involved in an auto accident. The significant difference between motorcycles versus other motor vehicles is the lack of protection offered by the bike. Unlike cars, there are no seat belts, airbags, or the surrounding protection of the frame. When an impact occurs, the force of the impact will ultimately be placed on the rider.

Accidents almost always result in the rider being thrown from the motorcycle or being stuck underneath it during the crash. Due to the dangerous nature of a motorcycle crash, the injuries can be more catastrophic than in other motor vehicle accidents. What may have been a simple fender-bender for two cars could result in devastating injuries to a motorcyclist.

Some of the more common injuries a motorcyclist could suffer in a crash include:

When a significant injury occurs due to the negligence of another driver, that driver should be responsible for these injuries. Filing a claim with help from a well-practiced attorney after a motorcycle crash in Southampton may result in significant financial compensation for the injured claimant.

Proving a Motorcycle Wreck Case

In a personal injury claim stemming from a motorcycle collision, the burden of proof falls on the injured biker. To prove the defendant was negligent, the motorcyclist and their local attorney must demonstrate that the other driver violated a duty of care which directly led to the plaintiff’s injury. This could be accomplished through proving the other driver broke a traffic law or was acting carelessly while driving.

Proving negligence in court requires preparation and analysis. In order to prove negligence, a lawyer may:

  • Review any video recordings of the accident
  • Analyze law enforcement videos, reports, and officer testimony
  • Interview any witnesses to the accident
  • Review medical records, treatment, and invoices
  • Look into the other driver’s driving history
  • Utilize accident reconstruction experts if necessary

There are many methods to analyze a case and it often takes an experienced attorney to utilize them effectively. Therefore, injured bikers should act fast to obtain legal representation.

Contact a Southampton Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Guidance

If you suffered harm in a motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another motorist, the state allows you to seek legal recourse in the form of damages. Restitution could account for both your out-of-pocket and personal losses resulting from the wreck.

An experienced Southampton motorcycle accident lawyer could help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve. Contact our firm today for help.

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