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In just a few moments, an injury can change the entire course of your life. A catastrophic injury can result in permanent or long-term disfigurement or disability. In addition to the physical and emotional trauma associated with this type of harm, the cost of treatment can be substantial.

If somebody else is responsible for causing your injuries, you should seek qualified legal assistance from a local attorney. A Southampton, Pennsylvania catastrophic injury lawyer could help you pursue a financial judgment against the person or company who hurt you.

What Injuries are Considered Catastrophic?

While there is no specific definition for catastrophic injuries, any harm that adversely affects a person’s overall quality of life are typically considered catastrophic. These injuries often cause permanent physical or cognitive disabilities and can prevent an affected person from holding down a job or even living independently.

Injuries that are commonly considered catastrophic include:

Because survivors of traumatic injuries often struggle with lifelong impairment, they need to work with the right legal team. Local lawyers understand that catastrophically injured people might need money to pay for costly medical treatments, therapies, and nursing care throughout their lives. A dedicated legal professional could work with an injured claimant’s physicians to assess the full extent of their injury, carefully considering all of the potential limitations and needs that could arise from the injury. A lawyer could then fight aggressively to get the claimant a full and fair financial recovery for all of their losses to help them resume their lives.

Common Causes of Devastating Harm in Southampton

A wide variety of accidents can result in life-altering injuries. Southampton attorneys often see catastrophic harm resulting from:

No matter the type of accident that resulted in a traumatic injury, it falls on the claimant to prove that someone else is responsible for their harm. To do this, the claimant and their experienced lawyer must provide sufficient evidence of negligence and compensable damages.

Experienced personal injury lawyers in the area could use their legal knowledge to skillfully examine police reports, medical records, and witness testimony to determine the precise cause of the incident that led to the injury. They could then look to see if the evidence indicates that another person is responsible and utilize experts, such as doctors and engineers, to prove the defendant’s conduct is directly related to the claimant’s harm.

Reach Out to an Experienced Southampton, PA Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

After suffering a traumatic injury, you could require ongoing medical care that could result in substantial bills. If your injury leaves you unable to work, you could be struggling to pay for these and other financial losses.

A Southampton, Pennsylvania catastrophic injury lawyer could help you build a strong claim for damages against the responsible party. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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