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Accidents happen often, and when someone sustains a life-threatening injury because of one, the risk of long-term harm is significantly heightened. These catastrophic injuries could cost the victim a lot of time and money to treat, and could change how they function for the rest of their life.

You could qualify for compensation if you are suffering from severe harm. With a personal injury lawsuit, you might be able to pursue monetary awards for the devastating accident you experienced. A Norristown catastrophic injury lawyer can explain your options and guide you through the lawsuit process in pursuit of the results you deserve.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic wound leaves the victim with long-term challenges. These injuries typically require significant recovery time and considerable medical treatment, and it is rare for someone who suffers severe harm to make a full recovery.

These types of wounds commonly cause lifelong impairment. This impacts the victim and their loved ones as well due to the aid they might need to provide for the injured party. Obtaining any possible compensation could make it easier on the victim and their caregivers, which is why a credible Norristown attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury cases can be an invaluable ally.

Types of Traumatic Injuries

Wounds like this often fall into three categories: physical, spinal cord, and cognitive. Physical harm could leave scars, incision marks, or burn marks. Spinal cord damage impact the spine and often impairs the victim’s mobility or sensory functions. Cognitive harm develops from damage to the brain. Head injuries can alter the way the brain functions and inhibit speech, memory function, or the ability to form thoughts or think critically.

Examples of Catastrophic Harm

Severe injuries may result from incidents like slipping and falling, product malfunctions, health care malpractice, car collisions, fires, sports accidents, et cetera. Some common examples of life-altering injuries in Norristown include:

In many cases, these wounds—or the incidents that cause them—are preventable. If the catastrophic accident occurred because of a person or entity’s negligence, the victim and their Norristown attorney could hold the liable party accountable. A lawsuit may help them get compensation to mitigate the recovery process.

Impact of Severe Injuries

Wounded persons often suffer a reduced quality of life because of the impairments the harm caused them. Regardless of the ongoing care or medical treatment they need to survive, they may be unable to interact with the world the way they used to.

It is not uncommon for these types of injuries to have fatal results. If a person dies because of such wounds, their loved ones do not have to go without justice. A wrongful death claim could benefit the surviving family members and offer them some closure.

Although no amount of money can undo the harm done to a person in a catastrophic accident, it could help relieve the stress of paying for costs associated with severe harm. Winning a lawsuit with help from a Norristown lawyer can bring catastrophic injury victims and their families peace of mind knowing there is some retribution for the pain they endured.

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