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A bus accident is the last thing on most commuters’ minds, but they, unfortunately, can happen. When they do, the passengers can sustain life-changing or even fatal injuries.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys know how devastating a bus crash can be. Let us help you fight for the compensation you may deserve. Working with a Norristown bus accident lawyer on our team could help you recover significant compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Common Causes of Bus Wrecks

Much like car accidents, bus crashes can result from many situations. Common causes of bus wrecks are impaired, reckless, or tired driving; failure to yield at stop signs or lights; poor visibility; animals, pedestrians, or large objects in the road; inclement weather conditions; and vehicle part failure. Although bus drivers have the training and we trust them to drive safely, many drivers tend to pay less attention to the roads they have driven many times.

Unfortunately, other drivers can also cause a common carrier wreck. Smaller vehicle drivers often think they can cut in front of buses because they are faster. Since buses decelerate slower than cars and trucks and need ample time to do so, this behavior puts them at risk of rear-ending the vehicle that cut in front of them.

Typical Injuries

People injured in a bus accident often sustain more severe harm than they would in regular car crashes. Injuries can be suffered by bus passengers, pedestrians, bikers, motorcyclists, or vehicle occupants. Spinal cord damage, brain injury, skull fractures, amputation, and nerve damage are just a few of the kinds of severe injuries people may suffer in a bus wreck.

What Should You Do After a Bus Crash?

As with any accident, the first and most crucial step for injured parties to take after a bus crash is to have their injuries examined by a doctor. Medical documentation will play a vital role in defining liability and how much compensation a claimant could qualify for in a lawsuit.

After receiving medical treatment, the injured party should get in touch with a bus crash attorney in Norristown. If they are incapacitated or otherwise unable to contact a lawyer themselves, a family member or friend could find representation for them. An attorney will then be able to begin investigating the accident and gathering evidence for their case.

Possible Compensation in Norristown

In a bus collision lawsuit, claimants might be able to seek compensation for the personal and property damage they suffered. Though a local attorney cannot guarantee that the court will rule in the plaintiff’s favor or how much a settlement could be, they may estimate the kind of damages that they could receive. These often include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses and ongoing medical care
  • Wrongful death
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of income

The type and amount of compensation often depend on the damage done.

Get in Touch with a Norristown Bus Accident Attorney

Do not be concerned about the legal complexities of your case. A Norristown bus accident lawyer is well-versed in this kind of case and might handle most of the process for you. Discover your options for seeking compensation by contacting a member of our team today.

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