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People rely on a large variety of products every day and expect them to be safe for consumer use. Unfortunately, when products become defective or dangerous, people can suffer severe injuries as a result. Pennsylvania law allows injured parties to seek a damage settlement through a personal injury lawsuit.

Our Philadelphia product liability lawyers can help you decide if filing an action against the product’s designer, manufacturer, or distributor is viable. By working with our experienced Philadelphia product liability lawyers, you could improve your chances of a successful claim. Contact us today!

Common Dangerous Products in Philadelphia

Almost any type of product can be considered dangerous. A court deems a product unsafe if a consumer sustains a serious injury while using that product as it was designed to be used or if they use it in a manner that a reasonable person would. Often, product liability lawsuits involve:

  • Toys or other children’s products
  • Cars, motorcycles, or trucks
  • Medical devices
  • Household appliances
  • Prescription and over the counter drugs
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Products that contain toxic chemicals
  • Contaminated food

After an accident involving a harmful product, it is critical to meet with a local attorney as soon as possible to let them evaluate the case. A well-practiced legal representative could work with expert witnesses to prove that the product is dangerous or defective and that it caused the claimant’s injuries.

What Causes a Product to Become Defective?

Manufacturers need to design, produce, and sell products that are safe for consumer use. Product liability cases often involve products deemed unsafe due to design, manufacturing, and marketing defects.

Design and Manufacturing Defects

When engineers develop ideas for products, those designs need to be safe. Similarly, when manufacturers use those designs to build products, they need to use safe materials and building practices to produce their products. Federal and state law requires that manufacturers test their products before selling them to consumers.

A seasoned attorney could review the manufacturer’s safety and testing protocols to see if the manufacturers acted according to the industry standard of safety. A lawyer could gather and preserve evidence that proves there was a design or production flaw, which made the product unreasonably dangerous.

Marketing Defects

Manufacturers must warn consumers of known dangers in their products. Products should come with clear operating instructions and directions for correct usage. Those instructions and the product’s packaging also need to clearly warn consumers of any potential or hidden risks.

An experienced Philadelphia defective products attorney could examine the operating instructions included with the product to see if a reasonable person would have interpreted those instructions and used the product correctly. If a person was injured while unreasonably using the good or using it in a manner that it was not designed for would not have grounds for a civil claim.

Get in Touch with our Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Today

Product liability cases involve a detailed understanding of complex federal and state regulations. Therefore, it is essential to work with a Philadelphia product liability lawyer that you can trust. Our team of lawyers can explain the law to you, keep you informed throughout every step of the process, and negotiate a fair settlement. Schedule your initial case consultation with one of our Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers today.

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