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Is My Personal Injury Claim Taxable?

Are our personal injury claims taxable? One of the most common questions we get as personal injury lawyers is: are proceeds received from a personal injury case subject to tax, either by settlement or verdict? The answer, like many questions in life, is a resounding maybe. After being injured due to someone or some entity's […]

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How Does Video Affect my Personal Injury Case?

Twenty or so years ago, security cameras were rare. You saw them only in banks, parking garages, and the larger department stores. The digital revolution reduced the cost of cameras, from doorbell cameras on homes, to dashcams on cars, to cameras on our cell phones. With this highly accessible technology, the question must be asked; How […]

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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? What Next?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers often observe that several devastating accidents involving motorcycles have to do with the right of way violations. These accidents typically occur at street intersections, ranging from dangerous roadways to driver inattention and reckless driving. Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? What details of a motorcycle accident will impact your […]

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Injured in a Bike Accident in Philadelphia? Who is Liable?

Bike riding in Philadelphia has been up 260% in recent years. Yet, despite this recognition, bike accidents in Philadelphia persist, and residents continue to sustain injuries. As bike accident lawyers in Philadelphia, we are well aware that our city is known nationally as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country. Since 2012, the […]

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Slip and Fall & Premises Liability: What you Need to Know

Our law firm handles thousands of premises liability injury cases each year. Premises liability cases, more commonly referred to as "Slip and Fall" cases, are one of the most common personal injury cases. We all have accidents from time to time, but there's a difference between those caused by our carelessness and those caused by […]

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Involved in an Uber Car Accident? Who is Liable?

You’re enjoying a fun night out in town with friends or are heading to a business meeting. You hail an Uber to get home or to your appointment because it’s cheap and convenient. This is not just you, but a significant percentage of Americans today. Rideshare services such as Uber are gaining in popularity with […]

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Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania: How Can it Help?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program for employees established and managed by the state. What is covered by workers' compensation in Pennsylvania? For example, will Pennsylvania workers’ compensation pay for an injured employee’s chronic pain management?  Can Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys help? Workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory for most employers under Pennsylvania law. Employers without […]

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Filing a Wrongful Death Case

Car Accidents Often Lead to a Wrongful Death Case Car accidents in Pennsylvania often result in significant if not fatal injuries. No question losing a loved one in a car crash is devastating. But, in addition to the grief that follows the death of a loved one, there is also the tremendous financial strain. Meeting […]

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Concussions After a Car Accident: What You Need to Know

As car accident lawyers, we know that a concussion injury after a car accident is widespread. In fact, concussion injury is a very common personal injury that are reported after a person is involved in a car accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 14.3 percent of all concussions/TBIs result from motor vehicle accidents, making […]

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Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes and What You Can Do to Help

When we read about nursing home abuse in the news, there are often references to physical violence, sexual abuse, or other types of mistreatment. However, it is essential to remember that elder abuse in nursing homes often includes deprivation of life's basic needs such as housing, quality food, and hygienic living conditions. Elder Abuse is […]

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