• In Bucks County, if you are injured because someone else was careless, as soon as you’ve obtained medical treatment, speak to an experienced Bucks County personal injury attorney at KaplunMarx.
  • Attorneys Ted Kaplun and Jonathan D. Marx have both received perfect 10.0 ratings from Avvo.com, the national legal rating service, and they have also received more than two hundred five-star ratings from former clients on Yelp and Google reviews.
  • KaplunMarx is well-known in Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey for the sizable settlements and verdicts that their accident attorneys win for the injured victims of carelessness and negligence.
  • To learn how the law applies to your own case – or if you’re ready right now to take legal action – schedule a consultation with the personal injury team at KaplunMarx. Your first consultation with a personal injury lawyer is cost-free and obligation-free.

Here’s How the Attorneys at Kaplunmarx Will Help You

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of personal injuries, but any kind of accident – suddenly and without warning – could lead to a severe, life-changing injury. To make it worse, insurance companies often try to pay injury victims as little as possible – and sometimes nothing at all.

The lawyers at KaplunMarx hold insurance companies accountable. We make them play by the rules and pay injury victims the compensation that the law requires. If you’re injured in traffic – or any type of accident – seek medical care at once, and then contact KaplunMarx immediately.

KaplunMarx will investigate what happened, examine the evidence, question the witnesses, and determine who was responsible and how your injury or injuries actually happened. We negotiate aggressively for the maximum available compensation amount for our clients.

If private negotiations do not obtain an acceptable result, we will take your case to trial and ask a jury to order the payment of the compensation that you need and deserve.

What About Other Kinds of Accidents?

Property owners are obligated by law to keep property reasonably safe for customers, tenants, and others. If you slip, fall and become injured on private property because the owner was negligent, KaplunMarx can help you with a premises liability claim against the property owner.

If you believe that you are a victim of medical malpractice, speak to a KaplunMarx attorney to learn more about your legal rights and options. Medical negligence cases are extremely complex, so the victims must be represented by lawyers with considerable medical malpractice experience.

In Bucks County and throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the injured victims of negligence are entitled to full reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, and more, but to prove that you are entitled to compensation – and to obtain it – you will need an experienced lawyer’s help.

What Happens When You Become a Kaplunmarx Client?

When you become a KaplunMarx personal injury client, you are treated with total respect, and you are provided with every professional courtesy and consideration. A KaplunMarx attorney will explain exactly how the law applies to your case and suggest the best way to move forward.

KaplunMarx will handle all of the discussions and negotiations with whomever you name as a defendant, with that person’s lawyer, and with that person’s insurance company. If you’re contacted by that lawyer or insurance company, direct those calls to your lawyer at KaplunMarx.

Your claim is about more than money; it’s about justice and it’s about what’s right. The personal injury lawyers at KaplunMarx are fully dedicated to winning justice for our clients and to holding negligent parties responsible for the damages and the injuries that they cause.

What About Catastrophic Injuries?

If you’ve suffered an abrupt and catastrophic injury because of another person’s negligence – a severe spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or an injury that requires an amputation procedure, for example – you could be disabled for years and possibly even for life.

The victims of negligence have the right to full compensation for their accident-related medical expenses – both past as well as projected future costs. Likewise, the victims of negligence may be compensated not only for lost wages but also for their lost projected future earnings capacity.

When Should You Accept a Settlement Offer?

That’s why – if you have been injured by negligence – you must reject a quick settlement offer and be represented by an experienced Bucks County personal injury attorney with KaplunMarx. If you settle your claim before you know the full extent of your damages, you may regret it.

Taking a quick settlement will require you to waive your rights to additional legal action and additional compensation. Let an experienced personal injury lawyer – a trained negotiator who routinely works with insurance companies – negotiate a better settlement on your behalf.

What Can Make the Difference in a Personal Injury Case?

If you are genuinely injured victims of negligence, and if you can prove it, your personal injury claim will very likely prevail, but nothing in a personal injury case is guaranteed. That’s why the attorney who represents you really can make the difference.

Personal injury attorney Ted Kaplun has been named a Super Lawyers “Rising Star,” and with more than three decades of legal experience, personal injury attorney Jonathan D. Marx has been honored as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

Our top-rated injury lawyers and our decades of experience ensure that you’ll receive aggressive, effective representation and sound legal advice. After a severe injury, the lawyers at KaplunMarx help the injured victims of negligence move constructively and positively into the future.

What Should You Do if You’re Injured?

If you are injured in or near Bucks County because another person was careless, negligent, or intoxicated, or if you are injured by negligence in the future, let an experienced personal injury lawyer with KaplunMarx fight for the compensation and the justice that you genuinely deserve.

Our personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis that allows every injury victim – the humble and the affluent alike – to afford an attorney’s help and a day in court. If you take legal action to recover compensation, you pay no attorney’s fee until and unless you are compensated.

Few experiences in life are more startling or frightening than a sudden and accidental serious injury. Let KaplunMarx help. Call us at (610) 660-7780 to learn more about your rights – and more about how the experienced personal injury attorneys at KaplunMarx will fight for you.