During a side-impact semi crash, a truck comes into contact with the passenger or driver’s side doors of a car, putting everyone in the vehicle at serious risk. Also known as a T-bone wreck, these types of collisions can have permanent and deadly impacts on someone’s life.

Do not let the damages from a side-impact truck accident in Southampton ruin your life. A qualified 18-wheeler wreck attorney can help you learn more about your legal rights, and together, you can build a claim requesting compensation for your losses.

Filing a Civil T-Bone Semi Wreck Claim in Southampton

If the causing event was caused by negligence, injured parties can take Southampton side-impact trucking wrecks to civil court. To begin the legal proceedings, the plaintiff must file a claim in Pennsylvania’s justice system.

A claim is a legal document summarizing the details of the causing event and the injured party’s losses. Before their submission to a court, this document must detail the:

  • Alleged identity of the liable party
  • Financial loss faced by the injured party
  • Estimate of the injured party’s potential compensation

A claim can also include reference to evidence gathered by a third party identifying a summoned party as responsible for the T-bone truck accident in question.

A claimant must submit their paperwork within Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations if they want their case to carry forward. This statute, outlined by Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Statutes Title 42 §5524, notes that individuals must submit their claim within two years of their crash taking place.

Recovering Damages after a Side-Impact Trailer Collision

People in Southampton hurt in a T-bone semi collision may be able to recover economic and non-economic damages, and in some cases, punitive damages. They can work with an attorney to identify and classify these damages in their claims.

Economic Damages

Economic damages detail losses to which a person may easily assign a dollar value. Medical bills for severe injuries are some of the most common economic losses a person may face after a T-bone accident. Other expenses can include property damage, the cost of lost employment, and alterations made to someone’s property for their physical disability.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are harder to assign physical value to. These losses can have a major impact on an injured person and can consist of emotional trauma, wrongful death, and pain and suffering. Interested parties can work with a trusted attorney to assign these experiences a dollar value.

Punitive Damages

The losses listed above must appear in a person’s initial claim if they are to be considered by the court. That said, the court may also choose to assign punitive damages to a case that seems to be in gross violation of Pennsylvania’s duty of care. No injured party may request that punitive charges be applied to their case, but they may benefit from them should the court rule in their favor.

Duty of Care and Liability in T-Bone 18-Wheeler Crashes

Side-impact big rig crashes in Southampton often involve roadway negligence. Negligence on the road breaches a driver’s duty of care for all of the people around them while they operate their motor vehicle. The violation of roadway laws such as not checking blind spots, driver fatigue, and driving while under the influence of a substance or distracted constitute as violating the roadway duty of care. In T-bone trucking accidents, a driver who forgoes their duty of care can be held liable for the losses of other involved parties.

To prove that a driver was negligent, injured parties must first show that a duty of care was owed in the first place. They should then elaborate on how the liable party violated their duty. Fortunately, a dedicated attorney can work to gather evidence on the injured party’s behalf.

Call an Attorney about a Side-Impact Truck Accident in Southampton Now

Side-impact truck accidents in Southampton are dangerous to everyone involved and near the scene. These wrecks can result in long-term injury as well as wrongful death. Fortunately, people hurt in these types of collisions have the right to pursue legal action for negligent drivers.

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