Managing a properly loaded trailer on the road is a challenge, but staying in control of a trailer that is too heavy is a nearly impossible feat. Truck drivers who take to the road with an overweight trailer put themselves, and the drivers around them, in a significant amount of danger. Not only can a rig driver lose control of their trailer more easily, but other accidents like jackknife and blind spot wrecks can be even more dangerous under these circumstances.

Semi drivers owe you and your loved ones a duty of care on the road. If you were involved in an overloaded truck accident in Southampton, you might be entitled to compensation. Discuss your legal options with an accomplished semi crash attorney today.

Overweight Semi Rules in Southampton

The highways across the country have been made according to various infrastructural standards. With that in mind, a highway’s weight limit measures the pressure it can withstand from the average 18-wheeler. Violating a roadway’s weight limit can result in the highway suffering damage and drivers face unexpected accidents.

Big rigs that abide by a highway’s weight limit are also simpler to control than ones that do not. When a truck driver can better maintain their safety on the road, the people around them are more likely to remain unharmed.

All this said, there is no national legislation in place dictating how much weight a semi can carry. Instead, truckers and their parent companies have to estimate the average weight limit of the roads they plan to take in advance. A skilled Southampton attorney can help someone understand how weight limits may have had an impact on their 18-wheeler collision.

Calculating an Overloaded Big Rig Wreck’s Losses

Weight-related truck crashes in Southampton can generate economic and non-economic damages. A plaintiff can file for these damages to recover compensation for them.

Economic damages include tangible losses a person may face trying to recover from their incident. Parties held responsible for a person’s injuries in an overweight truck wreck must see to these expenses and any related costs. Other economic expenses include crash-related property damage and lost opportunities for employment.

In comparison, non-economic damages include losses that are not as easily measured for monetarily. These losses can include any pain and suffering a claimant has endured because of their collision, loss companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life. These expenses include any emotional turmoil in wrongful death charges as well.

Liability in Collisions Caused by an Overloaded Trailer

While semi operators are responsible for controlling their trailers on the road, they are not the only people who could be liable for an overweight crash in Southampton. Other liable parties include the people who loaded the vehicle or a mechanic who failed to bring the 18-wheeler up to standard safety codes.

People hurt in a weight-related 18-wheeler wrecks can work with an attorney to identify the party responsible for their damages. Plaintiffs must name these individuals in their official complaints to receive compensation.

Discuss Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Southampton with an Attorney Today

Although there are no national 18-wheeler weight legislations, it does not mean that truckers should not take extra precautions to ensure their vehicle is loaded properly. Rig drivers must abide by the weight restrictions listed on every highway they take. If they do not, they put other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Work with an attorney to address your overloaded/overweight truck accident in Southampton. During an initial consultation, you can sort out liability and determine to what compensation you may be entitled. Call our office to learn more about your potential compensation today.