A jackknife semi crash is a dangerous type of accident unique to 18-wheelers and trailers. Jackknife truck accidents in Southampton have consequences that last far beyond the incident itself. If you want to take action against the party liable for your crash, a dedicated big rig collision attorney can help. Our trusted team members can help your file for your losses and receive the compensation you deserve.

Basic Information about Jackknifed 18-Wheeler Crashes

Trucks can be dangerous vehicles for a myriad of reasons. Their size, weight, and areas of visibility can all affect the safety of the drivers and the people around them. Because rigs are difficult to maneuver, their drivers have to be especially careful when on the road. Hydroplaning, overshooting a turn, or even changing lanes without looking can put other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in harm’s way.

The minute a driver loses control of their semi, they risk creating a jackknife accident. In a wreck like this, the truck’s cab turns and faces the trailer. The trailer could then block off the whole of the road the 18-wheeler was originally driving on. As the trailer shifts, it risks running into other cars. Because of this, a jackknifed trailer can easily evolve into a multi-car pile-up.

Because of the catastrophic damage they can do to other drivers on the road, jackknifes rank among the most devastating truck wrecks a driver can face. Fortunately, there are ways to respond to this type of accident. Drivers in Southampton can work with an attorney to win financial support for any losses they may have faced in a jackknifed semi crash.

Creating a Southampton Jackknife Collision Claim

To receive compensation for damages in a Southampton jackknife wreck, interested parties must submit the appropriate paperwork within the state’s statute of limitations. This documentation should include the identity of the liable party and evidence supporting the aforementioned claim.

According to Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Statutes Title 42 §5524, all interested parties have two years from the day a jackknife accident takes place to submit their claims. Failure to submit a claim within this time block sees Pennsylvania courts waive the injured party’s right to compensation.

Liability in Jackknifed Trucking Wrecks

During the investigative process, an attorney can also help injured individuals formulate a legal claim against a responsible party. In a crash like this, the liable party is most often the driver. If a driver is distracted on their cell phone, intoxicated, or drowsy, they could cause a collision.

The driver’s parent company or semi manufacturer may also be at fault.  A driver’s parent company may have requested unreasonable driving hours or overloaded their driver’s trailer. The 18-wheeler’s manufacturer may have similarly failed to install the appropriate truck parts or security features.

A qualified Southampton attorney can help injured parties sort through applicable evidence to identify the liable party in their jackknifed 18-wheeler collision.

Talk to an Attorney about Jackknife Truck Accidents in Southampton

Jackknifed rig collisions put multiple drivers and pedestrians at risk for injury. That is why local law strives to give injured parties the means they need to aid in their post-crash recovery.

People hurt in jackknife truck accidents in Southampton can work with diligent attorneys to build legal claim. Once you have identified a responsible party and estimated your losses, you can present your case to court and fight for compensation. Reach out to one of our representatives today to schedule your first consultation.