A rear-end car crash can quickly turn your life upside down by leaving you with expensive painful injuries and medical bills. Unfortunately, even if another driver is clearly at fault for a back-end accident, you can still have to deal with stingy insurance companies that have no interest in paying you fair compensation. An experienced car crash attorney can help ease some of your stress following a severe accident and make sure you get the compensation for which you are filing.

While you focus on recovering from the damages a negligent driver caused, a well-versed legal team can fight for your rights. A lawyer who focuses on rear-end car accidents in Southampton understands how to work with large insurance companies to seek a fair outcome.

Common Injuries in Back-End Collisions

The severity of a vehicle wreck like this depends on a number of circumstances, including the speeds at which the two parties were traveling. If the accident occurred while the drivers were in heavy traffic, then the collision will likely be less severe than if the vehicles are traveling at high speeds on a highway.

Even if a back-end crash does not cause serious damage to the vehicles, it can still cause severe injuries to the people involved. Some of the common injuries associated with these wrecks include:

If a person in this type of accident suffers any of the injuries above, they should seek legal assistance. A back-end collision attorney in Southampton can review someone’s damages and help them determine a strategy for recovering maximum compensation.

Who is Liable for a Southampton Rear-End Crash?

There is no set rule that makes the driver of the rear vehicle always liable for a collision like this, but if the backmost driver was on their cell phone while driving or distracted, then they will be responsible. However, it can be challenging for the backmost driver to avoid liability because all drivers are required to keep their vehicles at a distance that allows them to brake without hitting anything around them.  Therefore, people have a duty to ensure that they do not drive into the vehicle in front of them.

Comparative Fault

Although a rear driver is often responsible for an accident, there are cases when a front most driver is also partly responsible. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102, a plaintiff can be barred from securing compensation if a judge or jury determines they were more responsible for a back-end collision than the other driver.

A Southampton rear-end crash attorney understands how to determine liability in a collision and what evidence is necessary to obtain for a claim.

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Back-end car wrecks are common and can cause severe injuries. If you sustain serious injuries because of a rear-end car accident in Southampton, an accomplished lawyer can evaluate your claim and determine your rights. Call today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney and learn more about your options.