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Many people in Pennsylvania choose to use rideshare vehicles, such as Uber and Lyft, to commute around the area. However, when these vehicles are involved in auto accidents, it can make insurance coverage more difficult to determine.

A Philadelphia Uber/Lyft accident lawyer can help. A well-practiced attorney can review your case to determine what insurance coverage applies to your case and help you gather evidence to prove your claim for damages.

Philadelphia Rideshare (Uber and Lyft) Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

What Should Someone Do After a Collision with a Rideshare Vehicle?

What someone should do after a collision involving an Uber or Lyft depends on their role in the accident. For instance, if they are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, they should notify the company that they were involved in a wreck. They should also be sure to seek prompt medical treatment and to speak to law enforcement and ensure that the police report lists them as a passenger of the Uber or Lyft vehicle. If possible, injured passengers should also take photos to document the crash and their injuries.

If a motorist is struck by a rideshare driver, and they are in another vehicle, they want to make sure that they are able to get as much information from the other driver as possible. This involves asking the other driver if they were driving for Uber or Lyft at the time of the collision because the insurance coverage will be different and unique. For instance, if the rideshare driver was in the line of work at the time of the crash, the injured party could be covered by the company’s insurance in addition to their personal insurance.

In either situation, people injured in a rideshare accident should reach out to a well-practiced attorney in Philadelphia. A lawyer could help the injured claimant sort out the details of the case and determine what insurance coverages apply to their case.

Recovering Damages from an Uber Driver

If an Uber or Lyft driver is responsible for an auto collision that occurred while they were transporting someone or on their way to pick someone up, they will need to go through the rideshare company insurance. However, if they are not currently working at the time of the wreck, they will have to use their own insurance company to cover the resulting damages.

A local attorney investigating a wreck that involved an Uber or Lyft driver must thoroughly investigate the accident to determine liability. A hardworking lawyer could subpoena data and triangulation GPS information from the cellphone carrier in order to see what the rideshare driver was doing at the time and determine if they were performing work duties.

When are Punitive Damages Available?

Punitive damages are only awarded under certain circumstances as they are meant to punish the rideshare company or driver for egregious wrongdoing that shocks the conscience. Had the Uber or Lyft driver been texting, intoxicated, or if they fled the scene of the accident, a claimant could make an argument for punitive damages.

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People who are involved in any type of vehicle wreck could benefit from legal guidance, especially those harmed in a collision with a rideshare vehicle. A Philadelphia Uber/Lyft accident lawyer can help you sort through the coverages, investigate the specific circumstances of your accident, and determine whether the rideshare company’s insurance coverage applies to your case.

If you have further questions about how an attorney could help you, call our office today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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