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A spinal cord injury can permanently change your life. These injuries can have a substantial impact on your mental and physical health as they require significant medical treatment and often result in permanent harm. Additionally, you may be facing unexpected financial burdens due to medical bills and an inability to work. Contacting one of our Philadelphia spinal cord injury lawyers and filing a personal injury claim against the people responsible for your harm could help compensate you for these losses and more.

If another person caused you to suffer severe trauma to your spine, you could benefit from meeting with one of our Philadelphia spinal cord injury lawyers. A compassionate injury attorney can help you pursue legal compensation to cover your medical treatments and help restore your family’s financial well-being.

Common Types of Spine Injuries

When people injure their spines, the extent of nerve damage and the location of the injury often determine the severity of the resulting condition. A person could lose their ability to control and feel the affected body parts with a complete spinal cord injury. If the spinal cord injury is incomplete, the person may still retain some function in the affected areas. Other spinal cord injuries, such as herniated discs, may not drastically impact a person’s control of their body, but can still cause immense pain and discomfort.

Where the trauma occurs on the spine generally determines what parts of the body are affected. Injuries that occur higher up on a spinal cord are usually more serious. A person who sustains harm to their lumbar region, or lower back, may end up paralyzed, or unable to move the lower half of their body. If a person sustains an injury to their neck, called the cervical region, they may develop quadriplegia, which is an inability to move any of their limbs.

Sometimes, spinal cord damage does not appear immediately following an injury. If a person feels persistent back pain after an accident, they should meet with doctors for a medical evaluation. They should also reach out to a local attorney to determine if they have grounds for a civil claim. A Philadelphia spine injury attorney can review the medical records and meet with doctors to ensure that the claimant pursues adequate compensation for all of their losses.

How Do People Suffer Trauma to the Spine?

Most spine damage occurs after severe trauma to the spinal cord. The most common situations in which spinal cord damage occurs include:

Claimants may need urgent care immediately following their injury, which could require surgery and a lengthy hospitalization. Upon their release from the hospital, they may require extensive rehabilitation in order to regain function. They may also need to make changes in where and how they live, such as by modifying their houses or moving into an assisted living facility.

If there is any question as to how the spinal cord trauma occurred, local attorneys are available to investigate the cause. If there was an accident, lawyers could visit the scene, look through all police records, and interview eyewitnesses. If there was a medical mistake, they could review the medical records to see if the healthcare providers met the standard of care necessary.

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Spinal cord injuries are painful, and recovery can be very expensive. Oftentimes, these injuries result in long-term, even permanent disability.

Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Philadelphia spinal cord injury lawyer. Dedicated legal counsel can investigate the accident, negotiate with insurance companies, and, if necessary, stand up for your rights in court. Contact us today.

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