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We represent the victims of traffic accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, and others who’ve been injured by negligence in the greater Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania.

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Do I Qualify to File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve been injured because another party was negligent, you qualify to file a personal injury claim, and you are entitled to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

You may have been injured because another driver was distracted or intoxicated; because you slipped on a retailer’s wet floor or cracked sidewalk; because of your neighbor’s aggressive dog bit you; or in any number of other possible accident scenarios.

If you’re not certain whether you qualify to file a personal injury claim, talk to us at KaplunMarx. Your first legal consultation is free.

Why Is It Imperative to Work With a Top Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer?

With so many personal injury attorneys working in the Philadelphia area, if you’re an injured victim of negligence, it can be difficult to find a reliable attorney who will understand your needs and who will work aggressively to acquire the maximum available compensation on your behalf.

Look no further. You deserve to be represented by a reliable and trustworthy personal injury attorney who understands what you’re going through.

When you become a client at KaplunMarx, you’ll be represented by an award-winning personal injury lawyer, provided with every professional consideration and courtesy, and treated with absolute personal respect.

How Can an Accident Attorney Help With My Injury Claim?

If you’re recuperating from injuries and away from your job, you must have the compensation that you are legally entitled to receive. However, insurance companies sometimes take advantage of injury victims by withholding payments or by rejecting injury claims entirely.

We’re familiar with the insurance companies’ tactics, and we know what it takes to win the compensation you need. The attorneys at KaplunMarx have three decades of experience representing the injured victims of negligence.

Suffering a serious personal injury can be a traumatic experience, but our personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the maximum dollar recovery for your personal injury case.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

We can’t place a dollar amount on your claim without the details, but here’s the process.

Victims of negligence are entitled – first – to compensation for quantifiable economic damages: medical bills, lost wages, and related costs like transportation to the doctor and paying for the help you need around the house.

Attorneys use several formulas to arrive at a figure for non-economic damages – your personal pain and suffering. Multiply your economic damages by 1.5 if you suffered a moderate injury. Multiply by 5 if you suffered a catastrophic injury or permanent disability. The final sum is a rough, general estimate of the amount you may expect to receive.

How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Personal Injury Case in PA?

The simplest cases are resolved in just a few weeks – without going to court. An attorney with KaplunMarx can often work directly with the other party’s attorney and insurance company to achieve a swift settlement of your claim.

Most cases take several months. The most complicated cases go to trial and may take more than a year. Those cases are rare, but the general rule is the more complicated the case, and the more that’s at stake, the longer it takes.

You’ll have some say in how long your own case takes because it’s your call to accept or reject particular settlement offers.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

The time limit for taking legal action regarding a personal injury case is called the statute of limitations. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the statute of limitations is two years for most personal injury cases. If you wait more than two years, a court will not hear your case.

But if you’re injured, with bills piling up, you can’t wait two years – or even two weeks – to speak with a Philly accident attorney at KaplunMarx. Evidence in these cases can deteriorate quickly, so the sooner you put your case in our hands, the more likely it is that you’ll receive the full compensation amount you seek.

Hiring a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Few experiences are more frightening than an unexpected and sudden accidental injury. Let a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer help. To learn more about working with our attorneys, feel free to read the Google Plus Reviews of KaplunMarx. Call us to learn more about how the attorneys at KaplunMarx can help you.