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Spine injuries can lead to a host of other physical issues. If suffered a severe back or neck injury in an accident, taking legal action might be advantageous. A Norristown spinal cord injury lawyer could help you fight for compensation and hold the at-fault party accountable.

Getting harmed in a way that leaves you compromised for the rest of your life may be challenging, but your legal case does not have to be. Personal injury attorneys understand the struggle you are going through and want to help you succeed in your case.

What Causes Spinal Cord Trauma?

Injuries to the spinal cord may occur under a variety of circumstances. Common examples include:

Often, the effects of spinal cord trauma are immediately apparent, so a person will likely know if they received this type of wound. They should seek medical attention after suffering any impact on the spine to make sure they receive the proper treatment.

Symptoms of a Spine Injury

Back and neck injuries can be serious, but there are some key indicators can help an injured person detect if they may have one. Some symptoms to be aware of are:

  • Chronic weakness in legs or arms
  • Tingling or loss of sensation in limbs or backside
  • Inability to control bladder function
  • Paralysis of any body part
  • Difficulty breathing

A person should not ignore irregularities or difficulty in regular bodily functions. Seeking treatment sooner rather than later could prevent other related issues from occurring.

These symptoms may not appear immediately after the incident, but as soon as they do present themselves, the victim should seek medical attention.

Effects of Spinal Column Injuries

The spinal cord is a very vulnerable part of the body. It controls many of the nerves and facilitates communication between the brain and other body parts. Because the spine is so sensitive, a full recovery from severe damage is rare.

Rehabilitation could help victims recover mobility and sensation to a degree. However, they will likely need the assistance of a medical device, wheelchair, walker, or caregiver for the rest of their lives.

Nerve damage or paralysis may also lead to premature death. If this happens, the family of the deceased might be able to file a wrongful death claim. A Norristown attorney can assess the full extent of a spinal cord injury victim’s losses and pursue appropriate compensation.

Negligence in Spinal Cord Wound Cases

In a spinal cord injury case, the plaintiff needs to prove that the liable party was negligent. To do this, they must show evidence that the defendant owed the victim a duty of care, the harm resulted because the defendant failed to fulfill that duty, and that injury caused the damages for which the plaintiff is seeking compensation.

The plaintiff also needs to prove how the defendant violated their duty of care. A lawyer in Norristown can investigate the incident that caused the spinal injury and compile evidence such as accidents reports, witness statements, pictures, or surveillance footage of the event.

Medical records are crucial in proving how an incident caused harm to a victim. If a victim waits to seek treatment for their wounds, the court could perceive this hesitance as an indication that the injuries are less severe than claimed or that an event that happened later caused them.

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If you or a loved one was left with a spinal injury after an accident, you could be entitled to compensation. Compassionate attorneys want to help you get the justice you deserve. A legal professional can discuss the compensation you may receive if you take action. Meet with a Norristown spinal cord injury lawyer today to talk about your options.

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