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Millions of people worldwide take prescription drugs, which are regularly tested and approved by the FDA. However, testing periods have shortened in recent years, and many new medications do not get thoroughly inspected, which may result in them not affecting consumers the way pharmaceutical companies promise.

These medications are unpredictable in their effects because of inadequate testing and are referred to as “dangerous drugs.” They can cause a variety of health issues and even lead to death.

After taking a harmful medication, anyone who has been diagnosed with a medical condition may benefit from contacting a Norristown dangerous drugs lawyer. You could be eligible for monetary compensation that could help cover medical bills and other costs. A skilled local attorney could explain some options that may help you in your time of need.

Examples of Harmful Drugs in Norristown

There is a wide range of dangerous drugs on the market and some are well-known to the public. Some common harmful medications are:

  • Pradaxa
  • Accutane
  • Zantac
  • Prozac
  • Zoloft
  • Xarelto
  • Abilify
  • Zofran

These medications get widely marketed as beneficial, but they could do more harm than good. Although the FDA has recalled some harmful drugs, too many are still available and advertised. Most people do not know the health threats these medications pose as there could be many adverse side effects while using them.

Side Effects of Dangerous Medications

Harmful medications such as the ones listed above can elicit a multitude of side effects. Those who actively take—or have taken—these could experience the following:

  • Heart attacks and heart failure
  • Strokes
  • Cancer
  • Internal bleeding
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
  • Congenital disabilities

Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies legally must disclose any known potential side effects of the medications they distribute. Failure to inform the public of the possible adverse effects of these medications could make them negligent, and injured parties might have the right to sue.

If someone takes a medication that they think will help them, only to find out it has caused them a severe health condition, they deserve compensation for their pain. A harmful drugs attorney in the local area is skilled at navigating these cases and could help people file a claim to begin the lawsuit process.

Who is Responsible in Defective Medications Cases?

The liable party in a hazardous drugs case is the one that acted negligently. The manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, or even the retailer could be responsible if they failed to follow protocol and ensure consumers understand the risks of taking a drug.

The manufacturer could be at fault if they failed to include warning labels, combined incorrect ingredients, miscalculated dosages, or made another error when creating the medication. A pharmacy could be liable if they prescribed the wrong medication or dosage.

These and many similar oversights are signs of negligence. A reputable Norristown attorney could document these errors and use them to build a harmful medication case in favor of the claimant.

Work with a Defective Drugs Attorney in Norristown Today

Dangerous drugs should not be allowed on the market, but they are still all too prevalent. Those who have suffered from the side effects of these products have a right to seek compensation and could benefit from consulting a Norristown dangerous drugs lawyer about filing a lawsuit.

Fighting pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers can be overwhelming for someone who does not have legal experience. Our caring attorneys are seasoned and skilled at taking on large companies and strive to earn maximum compensation for injured parties.

If you are experiencing a major health issue caused by a defective medication, we want to hear from you. Reach out to us today to discuss whether you might be entitled to compensation.

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