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If you were injured in a vehicular crash that was not your fault, the resulting shock can be extremely disorienting. As you take time to recover, contact a Norristown car accident lawyer. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

By partnering with a seasoned attorney who has successfully handled similar cases, you are taking an important step in holding the liable party accountable. The right legal professional could represent you from case start to finish, whether you settle or go to trial.

Common Causes of Auto Collisions

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day and for a variety of reasons. They generally occur because of driver negligence, such as when the operator is tired, distracted, or careless.

Violating traffic laws, such as by speeding, can cause collisions as well, while intoxicated driving remains a significant cause of wrecks. Drivers who operate their vehicles when under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances have impaired judgment and reaction time, which can result in severe accidents involving multiple cars. A hardworking attorney in the area could conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the car wreck to help prove defendant negligence.

Is Pennsylvania a No-Fault Insurance State?

Pennsylvania uses a no-fault car insurance rule, meaning that after most vehicle accidents, the injured party’s carrier provides coverage for lost wages and medical expenses regardless of who caused the collision. The rule applies to injured passengers as well, as they receive coverage from their driver’s insurance company. Therefore, only major accidents involving serious injuries and vehicle damage result in liability charges. Speaking with a well-practiced lawyer in Norristown could help someone injured in a car crash determine if they have grounds for civil litigation.

Common Injuries Sustained in Car Wrecks

Severe auto wrecks can result in substantial physical harm to the vehicle occupants. In some cases, car collisions can result in permanent, catastrophic harm. Common injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents include:

The death of the driver or passengers warrants a wrongful death suit from surviving family members. Due to the long-term implications, these injuries could have on an injured motorist, a Norristown attorney could help them calculate their financial and personal losses that resulted from the wreck.

Statute of Limitations

If a car collision was severe enough to call for legal action, the plaintiff has two years to file a claim according to 42 Pennsylvania Code § 5524. Filing a car wreck case after the two-year period typically results in a case dismissal, which is why working with an experienced attorney in Norristown is so important. A legal representative could ensure all necessary documents get filed before the deadline.

Reach Out to a Norristown Car Accident Attorney for Guidance

Speak with a Norristown car accident lawyer today if you were hurt in a collision caused by another person’s negligence. A compassionate attorney could hear your case and let you know whether moving forward with a claim is the right course of action.  Contact our law firm today to discuss your options.

Rear-End Car Crashes in Norristown

Motor vehicle wrecks happen every day and can lead to many different types of injuries. Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of motor vehicle crash. If someone hits the back of your car, you may be subject to intense harm and lasting losses.

It might seem that determining liability for a vehicle accident is straightforward, however, the reality is most claims like this can be quite complicated. A lawyer familiar with rear-end car accidents in Norristown can help you navigate the claim process. An accomplished vehicle wreck attorney can defend you against the insurance companies that may try to limit your recovery.

Injuries in Rear-End Car Crashes

Back-end collisions often result in sudden jerking motions in the head, neck, and back which is why whiplash is common in these types of accidents. Whiplash is when the tendons and muscles in the neck stretch or tear due to forceful motions.

Whiplash is not the only common injury suffered in rear-end car crashes. People may suffer a wide variety of damages in these types of wrecks. Additional injuries that are common include:

  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Low back trauma
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Chest and rib trauma from the seatbelt
  • Wrist injuries from pushing into the steering wheel
  • Leg and knee trauma
  • Ankle and foot damage

An experienced Norristown attorney understands the severity of the injuries that may result from rear-end crashes and could aid the claimant by ensuring those losses are paid for by the liable party.

Who is at Fault in Norristown Back-End Accidents?

Proving who is responsible is essential to recovering compensation for damages sustained in a wreck like this. Determining who the responsible party is for a vehicle collision like this might seem to be a simple task, however, it is not always solely the fault of the vehicle in the back of a rear-end accident.

Although a driver in the back is required to operate their vehicle attentively and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, they may not be solely liable for the wreck. For instance, a driver may have had brake lights that were not functioning correctly, causing the rear driver to not notice the front car was slowing down. If faulty car parts caused or contributed to a rear-end collision, the vehicle parts manufacturers may then be liable.

If the claimant is partially at fault for a crash, they may still be able to seek compensation for their damages. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102, state law permits an injured individual to recover damages even if they were partly at fault. In this case, the amount of compensation will be diminished by the percentage of negligence by the plaintiff. A Norristown attorney knowledgeable in back-end car accidents could evaluate someone’s case to determine who is responsible.

Contact a Norristown Rear-End Car Crash Attorney Today

Rear-end wrecks are a common type of motor vehicle crash that may result in minor to severe life-changing injuries. Insurance companies are familiar with these types of cases and may try to undervalue an injured person’s claim. If you suffer injuries from a back-end vehicle collision, do not face a large insurance company on your own.

A lawyer well-versed in rear-end car accidents in Norristown could help present your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. Speak with one of our dedicated attorneys today to evaluate your legal options.

Texting and Driving Accidents in Norristown

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous acts of negligence a person can engage in and is one of the leading causes of car collisions. It is also why the state passed several laws banning people from sending phone messages while driving. Despite the attempts to prevent this, people continue to text and drive.

If you experience a wreck due to a distracted driver, you may want to enlist a diligent car accident attorney to fight for your rights. A lawyer experienced in texting while driving car accidents in Delaware County can evaluate your case and determine your potential courses of action.

Why is Texting and Operating a Vehicle Dangerous?

Many people believe they can give their full attention to multiple tasks at the same time, even though many studies have found that is not the case. When people text while driving, they cannot focus on their surroundings. It is essential for drivers to entirely concentrate on operating their vehicle to meet their duty to drive safely.

Being on a cell phone while driving can be dangerous because drivers may not slow down or stop in time to avoid a collision. Additionally, when drivers are looking at a phone instead of the road, they may be more prone to striking other vehicles and pedestrians.

Some of the common types of vehicle crashes that result from a driver being on their cell phone include rear-end collisions, head-on wrecks, and accidents at intersections. A Norristown attorney knowledgeable in texting while driving vehicle accidents understands the dangers of messaging and operating a vehicle and the devastation this action can cause to an individual.

Liability in Collisions When Someone Was on Their Phone

If a driver is found to be texting while operating their car at the time of the crash, it can have a severe impact on liability. The state has enacted several laws to prevent drivers from being on their cell phones and increased the potential penalties for those who still do so.

For instance, an at-fault driver found to be using a cell phone while driving may be subject to punitive, economic, and non-economic damages. A seasoned Norristown texting and driving wreck attorney can help obtain phone records and other documents that may prove that a driver was on their phone at the time of an accident.

If the claimant was also texting and operating their vehicle at the time of the crash, it may complicate their case and potentially limit or prevent their recovery. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102, an injured person may still recover compensation if they are less than 50 percent responsible for a collision.

Seeking Compensation for a Norristown Texting and Driving Crash

Insurance companies usually do not pay plaintiffs for all of the many damages sustained in a collision like this. They may try to downplay someone’s injuries or place the blame on the claimant despite the fact that the defendant was texting at the time of the accident. If a hurt person is not represented by a lawyer, insurance companies may feel that they can manipulate the plaintiff and make them settle for an award less than what they need.

A claiming party may be entitled to recover compensation for many types of damages, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Death

A Norristown attorney familiar with car wrecks stemming from someone being on a cell phone can help contend insurance companies for the compensation the plaintiff deserves.

Contact a Norristown Attorney about Texting While Driving Car Accidents Today

If the negligence and recklessness of another driver cause you or a loved one to suffer catastrophic injuries in a vehicle crash caused by someone on their cell phone, you should not face the resulting challenges alone. A lawyer experienced in texting while driving car accidents in Norristown can help hold the negligent drivers accountable for their carelessness and refusal to drive safely. Schedule a case analysis today to learn about your legal options.

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