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Do You Need Help from our Personal Injury Lawyers in Norristown, PA?

If you’ve been injured because another person was negligent, either intentionally or accidentally, reach out immediately and contact a Norristown personal injury attorney at KaplunMarx.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at KaplunMarx are dedicated to serving – and to fighting for the rights of – victims of negligence in Norristown and throughout the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

KaplunMarx has established a reputation for legal excellence – and for obtaining sizable settlements and verdicts for the injured victims of negligence.

If you are ready to discuss your personal injury case and your legal rights and options, arrange today for a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers in Norristown at KaplunMarx.


Frequently Asked Questions

KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers produces consistently positive outcomes for those who have been injured by negligence. These positive outcomes are the result of our absolute commitment to winning justice for injury victims in Norristown and throughout Pennsylvania.

With our considerable record of victories on behalf of our clients, KaplunMarx has built a reputation for legal excellence and success. If you have been injured because someone else was negligent, we will fight for your rights, but you must take the first step – and make the call.

Call KaplunMarx today at 215-939-4895 to find out more about your rights and speak with our personal injury lawyers in Norristown.

What is My Recourse if I’ve Been Injured in a Norristown Accident?

What is My Recourse if I’ve Been Injured by Negligence?

You may be injured because another motorist was impaired or distracted; because a neighbor’s aggressive dog attacked you; because you slipped on a supermarket’s wet floor or a neighbor’s broken sidewalk; or in a variety of other accident scenarios.

If you’ve been injured in Norristown because another party was negligent, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania’s civil courts. State law entitles you to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and your personal pain and suffering.

If you’re not sure that you have grounds for legal action, talk to an attorney at KaplunMarx. Your first legal consultation is provided at no charge, and there’s no obligation.

Why Should You Choose to Be Represented by Kaplunmarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Norristown?

Why Should You Choose to Be Represented by Kaplunmarx?

Plenty of personal injury attorneys work in Norristown and the greater Philadelphia area. Nevertheless, it may not be easy to identify a trustworthy lawyer who understands your needs and works aggressively on your behalf to win the maximum compensation that’s available.

You can stop looking. You can choose to be represented by a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney who understands the challenges that you are dealing with.

When you are a client of KaplunMarx, an experienced personal injury lawyer will represent you, provide you with every professional courtesy, and treat you with absolute personal respect.

How Will Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Norristown Handle Your Claim?

How Will a KaplunMarx Attorney Handle Your Injury Claim?

When you are recovering from a personal injury, and you’re not able to work, your medical bills can start piling up – along with your regular monthly obligations. You must have the reimbursement that you are legally entitled to receive.

Insurance companies, however, will sometimes treat injury victims wrongly by delaying their pay-outs or even by denying their injury claims. At KaplunMarx, we have considerable experience fighting for injury victims and confronting insurance companies.

We know the tactics that insurance companies use, and we know what it takes to prevail on your behalf. An experienced personal injury attorney at KaplunMarx will work hard to help you win every dollar of the compensation that is rightfully yours.

What Can You Expect When You File a Personal Injury Claim in Norristown, PA?

What Can You Expect When You File a Personal Injury Claim in Norristown, PA?

Without any details, we can’t say how much your personal injury claim will be worth, but here is how the personal injury process works.

An injured victim of negligence in Pennsylvania is entitled – to start with – to reimbursement for particular economic damages: lost wages, medical bills, and related costs like transportation to medical appointments or paying someone to help watch your children while you’re injured.

It’s harder to place a dollar value on non-economic damages like personal pain and suffering. Courts use several formulas to calculate non-economic damages.

How Long Do Norristown Personal Injury Claims Take to Resolve?

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to Resolve?

Let’s say that another driver clearly runs through a red light and smashes into your vehicle. Witnesses and security video confirm that the other motorist was negligent. If your injuries aren’t too serious, a simple case like this can often be resolved in only a few weeks.

Moreover, you probably won’t even have to go to court. A KaplunMarx attorney will work with the other driver’s lawyer and insurance company to resolve your claim quickly and privately.

More complicated personal injury cases may take a few months to resolve. The most difficult cases – when liability is disputed or when multiple parties and attorneys are involved – go to court and may take a year or more to resolve.

Your attorney will offer advice, but it will be up to you alone to reject or accept various settlement offers, so obviously, if you hold out for more, or if you take your case to court, it’s going to take longer.

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Providing clients with exceptional service is a core value at KaplunMarx personal injury law firm. Take it from our satisfied client testimonials.

"I went through a lot when I was in my accident. Ted was professional and concerned about how I was doing...

...The office staff is extremely friendly and quick to assist your needs. They not only contacted me for updates, they checked in on my wellbeing. I can't express how grateful I am for their kindness and professionalism. I've never seen an attorney's office that cares as much as they do for their clients. I highly recommend their office and personally vouch that Ted Kaplun is a great attorney to have."

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