If a large truck rolls over, the potential damage to the people near it may be extreme. Large semis have high centers of gravity and are more prone to rolling over than smaller motor vehicles like cars. Many rollover truck accidents in Montgomery County are due to driver negligence or improper truck maintenance by a company.

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How Do Big Rig Rollover Accidents Occur?

A rollover is usually the result of some type of driver negligence. Their careless actions while behind the wheel can cause their vehicle to veer across the road, jackknife, or roll completely over. Potential causes of a Montgomery County 18-wheeler rollover incident can include:

While there may be other reasons for the crash, ultimately the injured person and their attorney must prove what caused the accident. They must also relate this cause to the responsible defendant to prove negligence.

Injuries Caused by a Semi Rolling Over

If people nearby are hit because a trailer rollovers, they can suffer extremely serious injuries. These injuries likely require hospitalization, continued medical treatment, and possibly surgical intervention. This medical treatment is expensive, so the hurt person also has to navigate through mounds of health care bills.

Injuries caused in Montgomery County rig rollover accidents often include, but are not limited to:

These serious forms of harm are likely in a rollover crash. Many rollovers cause pileups on major highways which involve many vehicles and heightens the dangers of these types of accidents.

Who is Liable for a Rollover Accident in Montgomery County?

A rollover accident is often the fault of the semi driver. Distractions, fatigue, intoxication, and much more may impact a driver’s abilities. If the accident was the driver’s fault, they may be liable for the wreck.

It is also possible that their employer is responsible for the crash. Employers whose driver’s negligently cause a collision are typically responsible for whatever occurs as a result. If the driver is on the clock and causes a wreck, the employer is typically vicariously liable as if they were directly at fault.

Direct Employer Liability

An employer may also be directly liable for a collision. This may occur in several ways. A company may have negligently hired or trained an employee, leading to direct liability. Another way they may be directly liable is due to poor maintenance of or improper loading on the vehicle that caused the wreck.

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