A truck driver’s job is to transport heavy loads of cargo for hours on end across various states. Managing the trailer of a big rig can be especially challenging when you consider the trailer’s size and weight. If an 18-wheeler operator has to attempt to stop suddenly for any reason, their vehicle could jackknife.

Should you or your loved ones find yourselves involved in a jackknife accident in Montgomery County, know that you are not alone. If you suffered injuries in a wreck like this, an accomplished big rig crash attorney can help. You can discuss who may hold the liability for your losses and what compensation you deserve.

What is a Montgomery County Jackknife Truck Wreck?

These types of accidents see the trailer and cab of a rig overwhelm the bulk of an interstate or road. In these cases, the trailer will swing out at an angle away from the cab, resulting in the folding jackknife-like position that gives this kind of wreck its name.

Jackknife crashes can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Most often, they involve abrupt stops that the driver did not anticipate. Other common causes include:

  • Drowsiness behind the wheel
  • Brake or steering malfunctions
  • Speeding
  • Hydroplaning or other weather-related dangers
  • Driving while distracted

Because 18-wheelers are so substantial, they can cause damage for many people at once. A skilled Montgomery County attorney can help someone determine the cause of their crash caused by a jackknifed trailer.

Liability in Jackknifed Big Rig Crashes

Injured parties might hold the trucker liable for their losses, but there can be more than one party who bears the responsibility for a jackknifed 18-wheeler. A truck driver’s parent company may be responsible through negligent hiring or a mechanic may be to blame if there was some type of brake or steering failure.

To determine who to hold liable for damages in a truck accident, it is best to turn to an attorney in Montgomery County focused on jackknifed rig collisions. A skilled legal team can help injured parties determine responsibility in a crash by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Plaintiffs must be able to identify a potentially liable party before filing an official claim, or else it may not be recognized by local courts.

Damages Related to Jackknifed 18-Wheeler Collision

If filing a claim, claimants must outline their damages alongside a compensation estimate. Damages in an incident like this can include medical expenses, lost wage or opportunity to work, physical therapy and other medical equipment, and property damage.

Non-economic damages, including pain and suffer or lost companionship in a wrongful death case, may also be included among these damages. The only damages that injured parties cannot list are punitive damages, which must be assigned by the court.

Anyone looking to retrieve compensation for their losses in a Montgomery County jackknifed truck collision claim should talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Call an Attorney about Jackknife Truck Accidents in Montgomery County Now

Recovering from a collision is not something you need to do alone. As you take time to recuperate, an attorney familiar with jackknife truck accidents in Montgomery County can take care of your legal matters.

More specifically, a qualified legal team can help you bring together all the paperwork you need to fight for compensation. Do not let the complexity of the law keep you from seeking out damages after a wreck like this. Call on our office today for legal guidance.