It can be tempting to turn to distractions to keep your mind busy while operating a motor vehicle. Texting, singing, smoking, and other distractions can all make a drive less boring, but they also put nearby people in imminent danger. Truck drivers who are not upholding their duty of care while on the road can cause massive wrecks and risk the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.

If you were involved in an inattentive driving wreck, you can take legal action to compensate your damages. If you suffer personal injuries, property damage, or someone you know wrongly dies, consult with a Montgomery County distracted driving truck accident lawyer. A knowledgeable 18-wheeler collision attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and determine what the best approach for you is.

What are Distracted Driving 18-Wheeler Crashes in Montgomery County?

Distracted driving as a concept is most often affiliated with texting while operating a motor vehicle. According to Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 75 §3316, text-based communications on the road are prohibited. Drivers can talk to people through voice calls, but they are discouraged from sending, reading, or writing text-based communications on devices of any type.

That said, there is more than one way to end up not paying attention to the road behind the wheel. Truckers who have to make long-distance deliveries may turn on videos, sing along with songs, eat, smoke, or otherwise find ways to take their eyes off of the road.

A knowledgeable attorney could help someone understand what distraction caused their big rig collision in Montgomery County.

Filing an Inattentive Rig Driving Accident Complaint

If negligence contributed to someone’s inattentive driving crash with an 18-wheeler in Montgomery County, they may seek legal action. During an initial consultation with a local attorney, plaintiffs can work to gather evidence of a truck driver’s distraction. Similarly, a qualified legal team can help the injured party estimate their damages and establish roadway duty of care. If the court chooses to bear witness to the claim, then the case may proceed to civil court.

This paperwork must be submitted to a court within two years of a crash taking place. In addition, the state’s statute of limitations makes it nearly impossible to seek financial compensation if parties try to file their paperwork once this deadline has passed.

Call an Attorney Familiar with Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Montgomery County Now

Lawmakers in across the country have taken action to curb the distractions truckers can engage with while behind the wheel. Even so, 18-wheeler drivers face long hours and may still find themselves tempted to that take their eyes from the road. If you or your loved ones suffer an injury as a result of that driver’s distraction, the consequences can be severe.

Luckily, you can speak with an attorney familiar with distracted driving truck accidents in Montgomery County. They can help you understand why your wreck took place and how you might receive compensation. You can gather evidence of another party’s negligence and bring that evidence to court in the form of a claim.

Do not let the chance to restore your financial security pass you by. Call our office today.