Every vehicle has a blind spot, but commercial 18-wheelers have large areas of limited visibility that can be exceptionally dangerous while driving. If you were in a truck driver’s blind spot and get into an accident, you could file for financial compensation with the help of a qualified rig crash attorney. A Montgomery County blind spot truck accident lawyer to learn more about your circumstances and the legal action to which you may be entitled.

How Can Blind Spots be Dangerous for Montgomery County Truckers?

Blind spots are areas around a vehicle where a driver cannot readily see anything. Big rig drivers have to contend with blind spots that are much larger than those in standard cars, and the presence of a trailer makes it almost impossible to see cars in them. Even then, the sheer difference in size could cause an 18-wheeler to collide into a smaller vehicle.

Because truck drivers can have such a hard time seeing the vehicles near them, they must take to the road with particular care. Failure to do so could mean a driver shifting lanes and causing a serious accident. A Montgomery County attorney can find out if a blind spot caused someone’s 18-wheeler crash and hold the responsible party accountable.

How to Respond to Limited Visibility Rig Crashes

If responding to a blind spot accident, the injured party must work to prove that the driver in question violated their roadway duty of care. To do so, the claimant must establish:

  • The trucker owed the injured person a duty of care
  • The hurt party did not violate any laws
  • The trucker violated the duty of care via negligence or deliberate aggression
  • The violation bears most of the responsibility for the plaintiff’s injuries

The plaintiff must bring this information together in a formal claim. A blind spot rig collision attorney in Montgomery County can make composing this information alongside any related evidence easier.

Statute of Limitations for 18-Wheeler Blind Spot Collisions

Anyone who find themselves suffering personal injuries after a restricted visibility wreck have a limited amount of time in which they can pursue legal action. The claimant must submit the appropriate paperwork to local courts within two years, as detailed by Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Statutes Title 42 § 5524.

Montgomery County residents who do not do adhere to this deadline waive their right to legal compensation for their 18-wheeler limited visibility wreck.

Call an Attorney about Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Montgomery County Today

Big rig drivers are expected to operate their vehicles with particular caution. The size of these vehicles and their substantial areas of limited visibility makes roadway negligence exceptionally dangerous. Truck drivers who do not take the breadth of their blind spot into account put your and your family’s lives at risk.

You do not have to shoulder the weight of a limited visibility wreck on your own. If you or a loved one suffered losses as a result of a rig accident, you can take legal action. An attorney focused on blind spot truck accidents in Montgomery County can help you understand your losses and fight for compensation. Schedule a case consultation today to learn more about the financial support you can receive.