Poor weather conditions are one of the leading causes of truck crashes. If the weather was poor and the driver was negligent in some way, you can file a lawsuit against them for all the losses you suffer from as a result. Drivers are supposed to account for bad weather and take extra precautions if the roads are hazardous.

You may have been involved in a bad weather truck accident in Montgomery County and suffered serious injuries, but you are not alone. To seek the compensation you deserve, consult a well-versed semi crash attorney today.

Weather Conditions Causing 18-Wheeler Collisions

If weather conditions are less than ideal, the potential for serious wrecks rises. Poor road conditions are one of the leading reasons that trailer drivers lose control of their vehicles. Circumstances that may lead to a big rig crash may include, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy rain
  • Foggy weather
  • Ice and other slippery substances
  • Snow
  • High winds

These can lead a trailer to crash or rollover, causing serious damage to anything in its path. A diligent Montgomery County lawyer can help someone determine what caused the rig to crash.

A driver is supposed to properly account for weather conditions and act accordingly. They might need to slow down, pull over, or utilize certain safety equipment to ensure they do not cause an accident. Failure to do so may be considered negligence.

What Can a Montgomery County Bad Weather Trailer Wreck Look Like?

Whether it is because of a driver’s negligence or a company’s carelessness, poor weather conditions can contribute to an accident in many different ways. At high speeds on poor road conditions, a rig may be involved in a rollover wreck. These dangerous situations are common with slippery conditions and high-speed turns in inclement weather. Rollovers are extremely dangerous and may cause serious injuries or death fatal collision.

Another common scenario is when a truck jackknifes due to bad weather. This occurs when the truck’s cab and its trailer move independently, folding up like a pocketknife. This can cause an 18-wheeler to skid and cross over their lanes, hitting any vehicle or person in its path.

To learn more about the forms a bad roadway wreck can occur in Montgomery County, talk to a well-versed big rig attorney immediately.

Improper Truck Maintenance Leading to Weather-Related Accidents

It may not be the driver’s fault if a wreck happens. Improper maintenance or the lack of safety equipment may be the reason a bad road conditions collision occurs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires truck companies to keep their vehicles in good working order.

Improper maintenance that may be affected by bad weather might include:

These and many other forms of negligent maintenance can mean that a driver cannot properly handle bad weather conditions. In such a case, the trucking company many be directly liable for the accident. To help determine who is at fault for shoddy maintenance, talk to a Montgomery County 18-wheeler lawyer right away.

Seek Compensation for Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Montgomery County Now

After suffering serious injuries, you should seek the services of a qualified personal injury attorney. These complex 18-wheeler crash cases require thorough investigation and the proper pursuit of financial compensation.

Bad weather truck accidents in Montgomery County are dangerous and may have caused you significant financial hardship. A diligent legal team is prepared to assist you in an appropriate case. Contact our office today.