Taxis should get you where you need to go efficiently and safely. Passengers in cabs are supposed to be able to rely on the safe driving practices of their driver. The same is true for other drivers on the road, as a taxi driver should not be the reason you get injured.

If a crash involving a cab does occur, understanding who is responsible may help hold that negligent party responsible for your injuries and the costs associated with them. Taxi accidents in Montgomery County may lead to devastating harm for an injured plaintiff. A consultation with a motor vehicle wreck attorney may present you the opportunity to win significant financial compensation.

Determining Driver Liability in Cab Crashes

Taxi drivers are supposed to be trained and safe operators of their vehicles. They have a specific duty to protect their passengers by utilizing legal and safe driving practices. However, cab drivers may be negligent while on their routes and cause significant harm to their passengers or other drivers.

Possible reasons a taxicab driver may be responsible for the accident might include:

These forms of negligence may be why the taxicab driver is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries after a Montgomery County collision.

Taxicab Company Negligence and Legal Liability

A cab company may be responsible for the wreck in addition to or instead of the driver. Each situation is different and requires an analysis of the facts to determine legal liability. Employees who operates their vehicles negligently may create liability for their employer. This vicarious liability holds an employer responsible for their employee’s wrongful acts if made during the course of their employment.

A company could also be primarily responsible for their own negligence. This occurs when the company is directly at fault in some way, rather than simply through their employee’s actions. These direct actions could include:

  • Hiring unsafe or untrained drivers
  • Forcing employed drivers to work overly long hours
  • Hiring a driver with a negative driving record
  • Lack of supervision or training
  • Defective or poorly maintained

These types of actions might create direct liability for the transportation company. A skilled accident attorney in Montgomery County understands how to properly file against a taxi company, the driver, or both.

Insurance Requirements for Taxis

If a taxi wreck occurs, the driver and the company are required to carry insurance to protect those they hurt. 52 Pennsylvania Code § 1025.3 requires all drivers to carry insurance, which provides the plaintiff a source of recovery if they were injured by a negligent taxi driver.

Working with insurance companies can be problematic without professional legal representation. Insurance companies are known for attempting to offer low settlements or deny liability despite clear negligence by their covered driver. An accomplished attorney in Montgomery County could help an injured party fight back against these tactics in a cab crash claim.

Hire a Taxicab Accident Attorney in Montgomery County

Taxicab accidents in Montgomery County can lead to severe injuries, or even death. You may have suffered great harm due to the driver’s negligent conduct, whether you were a passenger or another driver involved in the crash. Whatever your situation, an experienced cab collision attorney is ready to help. Contact our office today to learn more.