Rollover wrecks are simply auto accidents where the impact causes a vehicle to roll over after collision. These crashes lead to some of the most severe injuries that our experienced personal injury attorneys have seen.

As these wrecks can lead to substantial physical, mental, and financial burdens, it is highly advisable to seek guidance from a Montgomery County rollover accident lawyer. By working with skilled legal counsel, you can focus on your recovery while your attorney handles your case.

What Causes Vehicles to Overturn?

Rollover accidents happen in a variety of ways. Side-impacts commonly cause vehicles to flip or rollover. This can happen due to high speeds, the size and weight of the vehicles, and which way on the roadway the cars were traveling. These wrecks can also occur due to improper storage and weight distribution within a vehicle.

Unique Dangers of Rollover Wrecks

If a collision results in a vehicle rolling, the impact can be especially severe for the person that is struck. This is because they had in effect two impacts: one the initial striking vehicle hitting their car and the rollover. When a vehicle flips it can cause breaking of glass, people to be thrown out of the vehicle, and can sometimes cause the vehicle to even catch on fire or explode.

Passengers of a flipped vehicle often suffer catastrophic injuries, which often prove fatal. If a person dies in a rollover accident, their family could file a wrongful death claim with the help of a compassionate attorney in Montgomery County.

What Safety Measures Could Prevent a Vehicle from Overturning?

Motorists in Pennsylvania should always practice driving safely and carefully. This involves obeying speed limits, not driving distracted, and wearing their seatbelts. While this will not necessarily prevent a rollover collision, having a seatbelt on can be the difference between life and death in those accidents.

Documenting a Flipped Vehicle Crash in Montgomery County

It is important to gather as much evidence from the rollover crash to use in the event of a civil claim. Important documentation of a rollover crash that a local attorney could use as evidence includes photos of the scene, video or dash cams footage, and witness testimony.

It is impactful at trial for an attorney to be able to show the impact of the rollover to a jury. Therefore, providing medical bills and other documentation of losses suffered from the accident could be beneficial.

Contact a Rollover Accident Attorney in Montgomery County

A Montgomery County rollover accident lawyer could help with assessing the facts surrounding your case and help you seek legal restitution that compensates you for all the losses you have suffered. Our attorneys can look at economic damages and the impact the wreck had on your life.

Furthermore, a defendant’s insurance company will often try to offer a settlement amount that will not fully cover your total damages. By enlisting the services of a well-practiced legal professional, you can feel confident knowing your attorney is fighting for a fair compensation. Call today and schedule your initial case consultation for free.