While the collisions that occur involving rented vehicles compared to personal vehicles are generally the same in nature, the way these accidents are treated typically differ. Auto insurance coverage can vary significantly for rented cars, as can liability.

Fortunately, a Montgomery County rental car accident lawyer could provide much needed guidance and experience after such a wreck. If you or a loved one were involved in a crash while driving a rented vehicle, do not hesitate to seek guidance from a well-practiced injury attorney.

Defining Rental Vehicles

A rental vehicle is a car that is temporarily obtained via some sort of business transaction, such as through a rental agency such as Hertz, Enterprise, or Dollar Rent a Car. There are also now apps available for people to rent out their vehicles which provide specific coverages for the renter that will apply if they are involved in an accident with someone who is renting a vehicle through one of those applications.

Each one of those applications, such as Zipcar and Turo, act as an agency to allow people to cut out the middleman and rent from a private passenger motor vehicle. People renting out their vehicles in Montgomery County have to choose the coverages that are available to them, and make sure that the appropriate level of coverages is placed on the vehicle, so in the event of an accident, they and the renter are protected.

How Does Insurance Changed for Rented Cars?

If a car is rented, there are specific coverages that are generally offered to the renter under the rental agreement. The person renting the vehicle can choose to use their own coverage, buy coverage through the rental car agency, or buy additional coverage through the agency.

When a person rents a vehicle through an app, they also have specific insurances available for the renter. This is because Pennsylvania requires all motorists to have at least the minimum auto insurance coverage.

If a driver chooses minimum coverage, which is $15,000.00 or $30,000.00, that is the extent of coverage that they can go after them with regard to them causing the accident. It is also important for people renting their vehicles out to have uninsured or underinsured motorist vehicle coverage on their vehicle, so they are not solely responsible for handling the damages in the event of a wreck. An experienced attorney in the area could help someone injured in a collision with a rented vehicle determine how much their insurance could cover.

Common Wrecks Involving Rented Vehicles

The collisions that people driving rental vehicles could get in are the same as those for people driving their personal vehicles. Common accidents include:

Oftentimes, people renting vehicles are not familiar with the mechanics of that automobile or the area in which they are driving. This unfamiliarity could result in them causing an accident, especially if they were distracted, such as by looking at their phone for directions.

As with other auto accidents, the resulting injuries can range in severity. Common injuries are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, herniated discs, broken bones, and even fatalities. Treatment for these injuries is often substantial, so it is important to work with an attorney familiar with rental car accidents in Montgomery County.

Seek Guidance from a Rental Car Accident Attorney in Montgomery County

All auto wrecks can be traumatic, but they can become especially complicated when they involved rented vehicles. Knowing what insurance applies to you in these situations could be made easier with assistance from a Montgomery County rental car accident lawyer. A hardworking attorney can review your case and answer any questions you may have about the legal process. Call now to set up your initial consultation.