A rear-end collision in Montgomery County is when their vehicle is struck by another vehicle from behind. There is a short clear distance in Pennsylvania, which means that they must leave room for the other person in front of them. Regardless of whether the driver in front stops early or short, they have to be able to keep their vehicle under control and be able to stop if they are behind them.

Many times a rear-end collision causes a front-end collision as well, because they are pushing the vehicle in front of them. If your vehicle has been hit in the back by a negligent driver, leading to the injury of yourself or a loved one, you may be owed monetary compensation. By working with a Montgomery County rear-end car accident lawyer, you could preserve key evidence and prepare your case to get the justice you deserve. Speak with an experienced injury attorney right away.

How do Rear-End Car Crashes Happen?

Oftentimes, the cause of a rear-end car crash is a driver who is not paying attention. In other cases, the driver from behind may be impatient when a light is turning green, prematurely accelerating into the car in front of them. All drivers have a duty to observe a reasonable following distance to prevent crashing into somebody in front of them.

Texting while driving is another common cause of rear-end crashes in Montgomery County. A second in the lapse of concentration or paying attention while driving could cause a rear-end collision with a car moving at a slower speed, or stopped in front of the driver. When someone was willfully distracted on the road, they may be found responsible for any ensuing harm.

Establishing Liability in a Montgomery County Rear-End Crash

Some of the methods a lawyer would use to establish liability in the Montgomery County rear-end collision case is demonstrating that the defendant did not have control of their vehicle. It is fairly cut and dry in terms of liability when one vehicle strikes the back of another. In almost every situation, the driver who hits someone in front of them will be responsible for paying them compensation.

Contacting a Lawyer Right Away Could Protect Your Claim

It is important to contact a lawyer right after your car accident because you will probably be contacted by the other person’s insurance company, asking for a statement, which many times is recorded. You should not speak with the responsible driver’s insurance company without an attorney. They will try to get a statement to reduce the amount of recovery you may be entitled to, but a lawyer could help you prevent it.

If involved early in the process, your lawyer could send an investigator to make sure that all witness statements, pictures, and any physical evidence on the roadway is collected and catalogued. This often includes video evidence. These things may disappear if they are not handled early in a case, but by working with a dedicated Montgomery County rear-end car accident lawyer, you may be able to build a strong case to get compensation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.