After being injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by another person’s negligence, it is important you take the right steps to avoid minimizing your potential claim to damages. Working with a seasoned local attorney could make ensure you know what mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Montgomery County. These mistakes include admitting fault, failing to seek medical care, and giving recorded statements to the defendant’s insurance company.

Why is it a Mistake to Apologize After a Car Wreck?

Never admit fault at the scene of an accident. While it may not seem like it, apologizing for a collision can be considered an admittance of fault by an insurance company or a court. Therefore, even if it feels rude, it is highly important not to make the mistake of apologizing after being involved in a vehicle collision in Montgomery County.

Likewise, it is important to avoid making any potentially incriminating remarks to the reporting officer, the defendant, or the defendant’s insurance company. Even if a plaintiff is not primarily responsible for their accident, any proportion of fault assigned to them will be reduced from their total recoverable damages. In cases involving catastrophic injuries, this reduction can be substantial.

Refusing Medical Treatment After a Vehicle Crash

It is a mistake to not seek medical treatment promptly after a vehicle collision for both health and legal reasons. Regarding a person’s well-being, some injuries in auto wrecks do not immediately present themselves. For example, a severe traumatic brain injury could take weeks to manifest, causing irreversible harm the whole time. As such, it is always recommended for people involved in car accidents in the area to seek medical care just in case.

In terms of it being a legal mistake, in Montgomery County, in order for a car wreck case to be successful there must be proof of damages. This can be done through medical bills and testimony from the treating physician. Further, a doctor can provide proof that the vehicle wreck directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries, as well as explain the long-term implications of a plaintiff’s harm.

Similarly, it is a mistake to not follow doctor’s orders, have significant gaps in treatment, or miss follow-up appointments. A defendant’s attorney could argue that the claimant was not seriously injured or that they suffered their injuries in a separate accident.

Dangers of Giving Recorded Statements to Defendant Driver’s Insurance

It is not uncommon for a defendant driver’s insurance company to call the claimant and ask to take their statement about how the accident occurred, what their injuries are, and other relevant information. While this may seem innocent, or even mandatory, it is often a tactic to reduce defendant liability.

Insurers often ask one-sided or confusing questions that could lead to the plaintiff accidentally saying something incriminating. If the statements are being recorded, it can be extremely difficult to work around them. As such, Montgomery County attorneys almost always advise against giving recorded statements to the defendant’s insurance company after a car wreck.

Learn What Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident from a Montgomery County

Knowing what mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Montgomery County could not only help you avoid further harm, but it can also help strengthen your potential claim to damages. By working with a well-practiced attorney in the area, you could learn what steps to take after a vehicle wreck. Call our office today to learn more.