One of the major roadways in the area is Interstate 76 that travels from Philadelphia all the way through Montgomery County. There is also the Blue Route, which is 476, which also travels through Montgomery County. Those two roadways are heavily traveled and have a ton of traffic.

Unfortunately, car accidents on major roadways in Montgomery County is a very common occurrence. Due to the high speeds and increased traffic, these collisions are often devastating and require assistance from a seasoned personal injury attorney.

How Common are Wrecks on the Interstate?

On I-76 specifically, there are accidents every single day. It is one of the most heavily traveled roadways, and is used by both commuters from outside and inside Montgomery County on a daily basis. It is a very heavily traveled roadway with a lot of car, truck, motorcycle, and Uber/Lyft accidents that happen there daily.

Common Accidents on Heavily Trafficked Roads

Oftentimes, attorneys in the area see heavily trafficked roads result in rear-end collisions. In Pennsylvania, the law requires drivers to maintain a safe distance, or clear distance, to make sure they can stop in time to avoid colliding. Regardless of whether a motorist stopped short or abruptly, drivers have to be able to control their vehicle and stop without striking the vehicle in front of them.

Other common auto accidents on major roadways include, sideswipes caused by changing lanes or someone being in a blind spot. This is especially devastating when it involves large commercial vehicles colliding with much smaller passenger cars.

When wrecks occur on I-76, the state police will often come out, especially if there are catastrophic injuries. Law enforcement will make a report that will be accessible by an attorney and the people involved in the accident. Additionally, the interstate is a two-lane road, so any type of accident that occurs there will cause major delays. This could make it difficult for law enforcement or medical providers to reach the injured parties.

Impact of Speed on Highway Accidents

Generally, people traveling at speeds that are higher will cause greater impact and the force of the impact will cause significant injury to people. Speed can also play an immense factor in an accident because drivers are less in control of their vehicle if they are driving fast.

Higher speeds also result in a shorter reaction time. Therefore, if someone cuts in front of them, suddenly stops, or decreases their speed, they can cause devastating collisions. Fatalities and catastrophic harm are very common in high speed wrecks. For this reason, people involved in collisions on major roadways should seek representation from a skilled local attorney.

Contact a Montgomery County Attorney After a Car Accident on a Major Roadway

Car accidents on major roadways in Montgomery County are often devastating and could result in substantial financial recovery through a civil claim. Therefore, it is vital that injured motorists seek seasoned legal representation from the onset of their case. An experienced lawyer can gather and preserve important evidence, answer a claimant’s questions, and help put together a strong claim for damages. To learn more about what an attorney could do for you, schedule your initial case consultation today.