A question many people ask after getting into a car wreck is how can a car accident lawyer help me. Hiring a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania car accident attorney can be one of the most beneficial things you do for yourself. Studies have shown that people who retain a car accident lawyer see upwards of a 40% increase in the value of their claim. Having a personal injury lawyer with a deep understanding of helping people injured in car accident can provide you with insights that can help increase the compensation you ultimately receive for damages related to your accident.

What to do Immediately After Car Wreck

After a car accident, the first and most important step is to ensure the safety of anybody involved in the incident. Call the police, ambulance, and/or emergency service from the scene of the accident to get any assistance required. If you have even the slightest belief that you have been injured, go to the emergency room or urgent care center to make sure you get any necessary treatment and that any injuries are documented. After that, it is wise to contact a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania car crash attorney to discuss your potential case.

3 Essential Reasons to Hire A Car Accident Lawyer  Early-On

It is important to consult with an car accident attorney as quickly as possible after an accident. A major factor in making a recovery for a car accident is proving liability, or that someone other than you is responsible for the accident. Gathering evidence quickly is very important, especially if the accident happened at an intersection or a side-swipe type collision. As you can imagine, physical evidence, video surveillance and witnesses to a car accident tend to disappear quickly, often never to be found again.

  1. Investigating the car accident: One of the best ways how an attorney could help in Montgomery County, PA car accident attorney can help is by initiating the investigation into your car accident quickly. Many times a private investigator hired by your lawyer can canvass the accident scene, find video evidence, take witness statements and provide help in proving the other driver was negligent in causing the accident. is by collecting evidence to help prove the defendant’s negligence. All information must be meticulously documented and preserved and appropriately document that information to file. Often, phones get lost, pictures get deleted, and many things could happen throughout the process of an injury case that might endanger a person’s case.
  2. Dealing with the auto insurance carriers: After a car accident in Montgomery County your phone will often begin ringing without stop, all of the insurance companies calling, trying to take recorded statements and more. A car accident lawyer can help, dealing with the insurance companies involved, and not providing the other drivers insurance company with a recorded statement to which they are not entitled. Many insurance companies train their representatives and adjusters to extract statements from an injured party to minimize the amount of money a plaintiff might recover. They will try to box you in with misleading facts about the accident and about your injuries – a game that you should not be playing with them.  You can rely on your Montgomery County, PA car accident lawyer to help controlling the information going to a defendant’s insurance company, potentially avoiding missteps that could endanger your right to compensation.
  3. Finding excellent medical treatment: Every car accident case is built upon the injuries suffered by a person directly related to the incident. After getting emergency room care, you are often told to follow-up with a doctor if you still need care, but most people have no idea who to turn to. An attorney can help a person involved in a car accident find the appropriate doctor, such as chiropractic, orthopedic, neurologic, pain management and more. The Montgomery County, PA car accident lawyer that you retain should have a stellar network of doctors that they work with, who understand the particulars of automobile accident cases and the types of injuries a person may be facing, and how best to treat them.

Let a Skilled Car Accident Attorney Help You

In the wake of a car crash, you will have many questions about what to do. Your best option, with zero risk, is to at least consult with a Montgomery County, PA car accident lawyer. A consultation, either in person or online, can help answer many of your initial questions and put you at ease. Every automobile accident is unique, with their own set of facts and issues. A skilled auto accident attorney will have the knowhow to guide you in your unique situation. Contacting the right car accident lawyer can mean getting money compensation for your injuries and damages or getting nothing at all – so don’t wait, reach out today!