A head-on collision involves the front-end of one vehicle striking another car. However, these crashes can also involve motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Due to the high impact of these collisions, the occupants of both vehicles can suffer devastating harm.

A Montgomery County head-on collision lawyer could help you seek financial compensation if you were struck by a negligent driver. Our skilled team of attorneys could review the facts of your case and build a case to prove defendant negligence.

Common Causes of Front-End Accidents

Our Montgomery County lawyers often see head-on accidents occurring at intersections. These are commonly caused by driving while texting, intoxicated, or otherwise distracted. These collisions can also occur due to failing to yield, speeding, or violating of other traffic safety laws.

Potential Injuries

People involved in front-end collisions may suffer injuries to the neck, back, or head. These wrecks can also cause traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, paralysis, and even death.

How is Fault Assigned in Montgomery County Head-On Accident Cases?

When determining fault after a front-end crash, a local attorney might investigate whether there was any violation of the rules of the roadway and who had the right of way. An attorney may also gather witness statements and review the police report.

In some cases, one of the drivers may have a dash cam which could provide further evidence of who is at fault. A lot of times physical evidence from the scene is used including skid marks, vehicle damage, or evidence that one of the drivers crossed into the wrong lane.

It is important in these accidents to have an experienced attorney begin investigating as early as possible because physical evidence can quickly get lost and witnesses can forget what happened. Therefore, consulting with an injury lawyer is usually the best course of action early in the process in order for the claimant to protect their rights and make sure that the fault is put on the right party.

What Factors Can Impact Liability?

Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence state, meaning a court must assign a percentage of blame on both parties involved in a vehicle collision. Oftentimes, defendant insurance companies try to assign some level of blame on the plaintiff in a case.

If a claimant is found to be 50 percent of less at fault for a collision, they can still recover a damage award that will be reduced by their percentage of blame. However, if a court finds that the claimant was more than 50 percent at fault, they could be barred from compensation entirely. Our lawyers in Montgomery County could provide evidence to dismiss claims that the plaintiff is responsible for the front-end crash.

Discuss Head-On Collisions with a Montgomery County Attorney

If you or a loved one were involved in a front-end crash, you are likely suffering severe physical and emotional trauma. Furthermore, you could be struggling with unexpected financial burdens from medical bills and time off work. If you collided head-on with a negligent driver, contact a Montgomery County head-on collision lawyer at our firm and discuss your legal options.