Failure to yield occurs when a motorist does not yield the right-of-way to an oncoming driver, resulting in a collision. These are commonly caused by a driver not paying attention or violating the rules and regulations of the roadway. Unfortunately, these collisions can often involve pedestrians, which can result in devastating, even deadly harm.

If you were struck by a negligent driver when you had the right-of-way, you may wish to speak to a Montgomery County failure to yield accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney could review your case and protect your right to compensation.

What Constitutes a Right of Way?

When a person has the right-of-way, all other motorists must yield to them. Areas where drivers must yield are often marked with a traffic control device, such as a stop sign, and generally the first person that stops has the right-of-way. For example, at a four-way stop, the first person there gets to go first. However, if another driver fails to stop, causing a collision, that could be grounds for a Montgomery County attorney to hold them liable for failing to yield.

Common Causes of Right of Way Wrecks

Common fact patterns are people not paying attention to signage or yield signs and merging into oncoming traffic in an improper manner. This could be caused by the motorist texting while driving or simply not paying attention. In some cases, local attorneys see accidents caused by drivers speeding through the yield sign and trying to merge quickly but they are unable to do so. Other times, people do not understand the yield sign and the right-of-way of the roadway and cause traffic collisions. An attorney investigating a right-of-way crash could gather evidence proving the defendant was driving in a reckless manner.

Determining Liability in Montgomery County

These cases can be challenging because failure to yield cases oftentimes takes into account two conflicting versions of the same event. A defendant may argue that they did yield, or that the claimant was speeding, while a claimant says the opposite.

Due to this, attorneys in Montgomery County look for outside evidence to prove who was at fault for the failure to yield wreck. Lawyers make interview witnesses, examine where the impact occurred, review dash cams footage, or any kind of video surveillance footage to determine who is liable for the accident.

Speak with a Montgomery County Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

If you were involved in an accident when you had the right-of-way, speaking to an experienced Montgomery County failure to yield accident lawyer could be paramount. Due to the conflicting versions of the collision, it is important to make sure that your version is heard and that the proper at-fault party is found negligent.

Working with a law firm will allow you to present your situation in a way that benefits you.

Our team of dedicated attorneys can investigate the cause of the accident, who is at fault, and use all of the tools available to us to help with pursuing a fair compensation for the losses you have suffered. Call today and schedule your initial case consultation for free.