Distracted drivers are dangerous to everyone they share the road with. Their choice to not pay attention while driving can have injurious or even deadly consequences. A crash caused by an inattentive driver may result in significant financial liability for the defendant.

Unfortunately, distracted drivers become more common as the years progress. Automobiles are becoming increasingly technological and smart phones provide many distractions, causing texting to be one of the leading reasons for vehicle accidents.

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Types of Distractions on Montgomery County Roadways

There are several ways a driver could fail to be attentive to the road. Each type of distraction has the potential to cause anyone around the distracted driver severe harm. A serious collision may result from an inattentive driver if they:

  • Talk on the phone
  • Text or send messages
  • Update social media or check other apps
  • Look at distractions outside their vehicle
  • Are overtired
  • Play with the radio or other car components
  • Handle kids or passengers
  • Watch a TV show or a movie

These types of reckless acts may lead to a motor vehicle wreck. Anyone injured because of someone being distracted could enlist a Montgomery County attorney to help file a car collision claim.

How Distractions Affect Drivers on the Road

There are several different types of distractions that can lead to devastating consequences. Visual distractions make a driver take their eyes off of the road, while other distraction may be mental, such as becoming tired and falling asleep, or simply being inattentive to the rules of the road. Manual distractions might occur if the driver is manipulating a device rather than focusing on their driving.

Each of these is dangerous in their own unique way. If a driver’s actions are negligent, they may be responsible for any harm they caused to the plaintiff. A diligent Montgomery County attorney can help someone file a claim if they were hurt in an automobile wreck caused by someone’s inattentiveness.

Proving Inattentive Driving Caused an Accident

A plaintiff is required to prove that the defendant being distracted while driving caused the wreck. Linking the defendant’s actions to the crash is a key component of a successful claim.

75 Pennsylvania Code § 3316 prohibits the use of interactive wireless communication devices while operating a vehicle. This rule usually applies to cell phones and tablets, but may apply to other electronic devices as well. This specific law is broadly designed to handle different kinds of distracted driving conduct that may occur.

Negligence Per Se

If someone drives while not paying attention to the road, a well-versed Montgomery County attorney will allege the defendant was negligent per se. This may greatly reduce the evidence needed to show the defendant was careless in causing the accident.

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