Montgomery County is a suburb of Philadelphia that contains long, winding roadways. Unfortunately, these roads are more susceptible to unsafe weather conditions that those in the nearby city.

Motorists are expected to operate their vehicles in a safe manner given the current weather conditions. If a driver behaves in a reckless manner, resulting in a collision, the injured party could have grounds for legal restitution.

If you were harmed by a motorist who was driving unsafely under the conditions, you could benefit from speaking with an experienced injury attorney. A Montgomery County bad weather accident lawyer could review your case and determine if you are eligible to file a claim for damages.

What Should Someone Do After an Accident Caused by Bad Weather?

There are ways people who were involved in a collision caused by unsafe weather conditions can help improve their case. Local attorneys experienced with dangerous weather crashes often recommend injured parties seek immediate medical attention, document important evidence, and avoid speaking with insurance companies without legal representation.

Seek Medical Attention

Number one step in an accident involving severe weather, whether that be a car crash or even a slip and fall, is to seek the proper medical attention and call the authorities. This is helpful for several reasons. Not only does an individual get the medical treatment they need to properly recover, it also provides documentation of injury and damages that could be used as evidence in a civil claim. Additionally, law enforcement will create a police report the often documents the cause of the collision that could also be helpful evidence.

Document Evidence

Physical evidence can quickly disappear from a scene, especially those involving hazardous weather conditions. Ice melts, rain dries, and fog clears. Therefore, it is recommended that injured parties take videos or photos documenting the weather conditions that played a role in a vehicle collision.

Avoid Speaking with Insurers Without Representation

Montgomery County lawyers often discourage claimants from making statements to insurers. People may unintentionally take on fault or have their statements used against them. It is always advisable to allow a well-practiced attorney handle insurance companies to avoid compromising a case.

How Do Dangerous Weather Conditions Impact Fault?

When a court assesses a car accident case, they want to look at all the factors that are involved including weather conditions and other related issues. For instance, when ice, snow, or rain is present on a roadway, motorist might skid or hydroplane which could result in an accident. While weather is a contributing factor to the wreck, drivers have a duty to control their vehicle in any type of weather conditions.

In other words, when people take their car, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle on the roadway, they are accepting the fact that they have to maintain control of that vehicle and maintain a safe clear distance. If it is snowing, icy, or raining and making it difficult to drive, motorists are expected to slow down, maintain further space between vehicles, or pullover. People involved in an accident influenced by inclement weather in Montgomery County can often still face liability by an experienced attorney.

Recoverable Damages in Montgomery County

A skilled lawyer in Montgomery County could help someone injured in a vehicle wreck caused by inclement weather, recover for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. They could also seek compensation for property damage to their vehicle.

In the event of a catastrophic injury, a lawyer might seek recourse for a claimant’s future diminishment of earning capacity or ongoing medical treatment. Lastly, if the auto accident resulted in the plaintiff’s death, the family of the deceased could file a wrongful death claim to seek legal recourse.

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While evidence needs to be gathered quickly in any accident case, this is especially true for wrecks involving dangerous weather. Due to this, it is essential to seek counsel from a hardworking legal representative as soon as possible. A Montgomery County bad weather accident lawyer could act fast to gather and preserve important evidence and help you seek a full recovery for all your losses.

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