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Due to the important role it plays within the human body, any damage to the spinal cord could be devastating. These injuries are frequently permanent and could drastically reduce your ability to feel or control parts of your body. In some cases, spine damage can lead to lifelong nerve pain.

If a spinal injury occurred due to another person’s negligence, you have legal options you should be aware of. You are entitled to pursue monetary damages from the at-fault party with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. Taking on these claims on your own can be challenging, but a Marlton spinal cord injury lawyer could help you navigate the complex litigation process.

Common Injuries to the Spine

Before pursuing a spinal cord injury lawsuit, it could benefit a Marlton claimant to discuss these injuries with their attorney. There are a variety of types of injuries to the spine, and each of them can have varying impacts on a person’s health.

The part of the spinal cord that is damaged will play an important role in how these injuries impact a person. There are three different medical terms for these injuries based on the portion of the spine that is damaged.

Anterior cord syndrome involves damage to the front of the cord. Central cord syndrome damages the central, internal part of the spinal cord. Brown-Sequard syndrome impacts either the left or right side of the spinal cord. The side of the spine that suffered damage could cause health complications for the organs and limbs on that side of the body.

Each of these injuries is also either complete or incomplete. A complete spine injury means the cord is severed entirely. All motor control or function below the injury is permanently lost, also known as paralysis. A partial tear to the cord is known as an incomplete injury. These can lead to temporary issues that come and go. A skilled legal team could pursue litigation on any of these types of spinal cord injuries.

Available Compensation for Spinal Cord Trauma

Due to the long-term or even permanent impact of a spinal cord injury, the compensation that could follow a successful civil claim could be substantial. These damages could cover not only the immediate cost of treatment but also ongoing care that may be necessary.

Medical bills are one of the most common types of damages sought in a spine injury lawsuit. The emergency treatment after a spinal injury can be costly, as can the hospital stay. Given the risk of spinal cord injuries requiring continuous care, an injured person could require modifications to their home, vehicle, and lifestyle. A claim for damages could seek compensation for physical therapy and surgeries.

There are other types of damages that could be available including:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Medical or mobility devices
  • Home renovations
  • Mental anguish

A Marlton spine damage attorney could review the facts of a case to determine what damages a claimant can seek.

Speak with a Marlton Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

If another person caused you to suffer devastating trauma to your spine, you might be able to hold them responsible through civil litigation. This process can be difficult, but an accomplished attorney can guide you every step of the way.

If you are ready to move forward with your claim, a Marlton spinal cord injury lawyer could help you get started. Call right away to discuss your legal case.

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