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Few medical conditions have as profound of an impact as paralysis. These injuries can cause you to lose sensation in and use of various parts of your body. In severe cases, you could lose feeling and mobility from the neck down.

While certain illnesses can cause paralysis, this condition typically occurs from a devastating injury. A dedicated Marlton traumatic injury attorney could help you determine if you have grounds to file a legal claim against the person that caused you to become paralyzed.

If you have suffered paralysis due to another parties’ negligence, you are entitled to seek compensation. These damages could cover your medical bills and assist you with adjusting to your new life. You could learn more through a discussion with a Marlton paralysis injury lawyer.

What are the Different Types of Paralysis?

The first step a Marlton attorney would take after speaking with a paralyzed claimant is to determine to what extent this injury has impacted the individual’s life. One factor they may consider is the severity of the paralysis.

There are four broad categories of paralysis injuries, all of which are categorized by the area of the body impacted. These categories are known as monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.

Monoplegia is uncommon and rarely occurs due to an injury. This condition, which involves paralysis in a single limb, is more commonly related to conditions like cerebral palsy. In rare cases, negligence can cause this condition if a nerve is pinched or damaged.

Hemiplegia is also fairly rare. Like monoplegia, people suffering from this condition is largely due to medical conditions as opposed to injuries. However, certain types of nerve damage can lead to hemiplegia. The condition causes the loss of mobility of an arm and leg on the same side of the body.

Paraplegia is one of the more common forms of paralysis injury and usually stems from damage to the back or neck. This condition involves the loss of sensation or motor control from the waist down. Often, paraplegia is permanent.

Quadriplegia could be considered the most severe form of paralysis. It occurs following injuries to the head or neck and can lead to the loss of use of the body from the neck down.

When to File a Paralysis Suit in Marlton

A Marlton resident considering filing a paralysis injury lawsuit should consult with an experienced attorney early on in the process. This is important due to a legal deadline known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations bars a plaintiff from filing a paralysis injury lawsuit after a set amount of time.

According to the statute of limitations in New Jersey, a plaintiff filing a paralysis injury claim usually has two years to file their lawsuit. This period begins to expire the day the injury occurs. Failure to comply has serious consequences and could lead the court to dismiss the case with prejudice.

Work with a Marlton Paralysis Injury Attorney

Living with paralysis can be difficult for you and your family. It can require drastic changes in your lifestyle and can have a lasting impact on your mental health. A civil suit against the person who injured you could ensure you have the resources you need to overcome these challenges.

Let a Marlton paralysis injury lawyer assist you in your pursuit of financial compensation. To get started on your claim, schedule your free case evaluation immediately.

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