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Car accident litigation can be complicated under any circumstances, especially given Pennsylvania’s somewhat confusing “choice no-fault” car insurance system. However, the involvement of a rideshare driver in a wreck can make things even more complex, especially if that driver was not technically working at the time of the incident.

Fortunately, plaintiffs assisted by skilled Levittown Uber/Lyft accident lawyers can often recover significant compensation through the extensive insurance policies that rideshare companies carry for their drivers. Failing to seek help from a seasoned accident attorney could put you at risk of accepting an unfair settlement claim, so be sure to seek guidance right away.

How Rideshare Insurance Coverage Works

When an Uber or Lyft driver is on the job, meaning they have accepted a ride request and are either traveling to pick up a rider or already carrying one to their destination, that driver is covered by supplemental insurance provided by their employer. In the event of an accident that results in property damage and/or physical injury, anyone involved would be able to file a claim with the rideshare driver’s employer for up to $1 million worth of damages. This includes the Uber/Lyft driver, their passenger, and any other motorist or passenger involved in the wreck.

Uber and Lyft still provide some supplemental insurance coverage while a rideshare driver has the app on but has not yet accepted a ride, but there is significantly less coverage available as a whole. If an accident occurs under these circumstances, rideshare companies only provide $25,000 of coverage for property damage, $50,000 of injury coverage per person involved, and a maximum of $100,000 of injury coverage for any single accident.

Finally, if a person who drives for a rideshare company does not have the Uber or Lyft app on, they would have to cover any ensuing accident with their own personal injury protection coverage, meaning injured individuals may only be able to seek as little as $15,000 in damages through an insurance claim. A Levittown Uber/Lyft crash attorney could help an individual determine what kind of coverage may be available in their particular situation.

What Damages Could an Insurance Payout Cover?

Regardless of the specific type or amount of coverage available, recovery through an insurance claim following an Uber/Lyft car accident is typically limited. Specifically, insurance payouts usually only cover economic losses like repair costs, medical bills, and sometimes lost work wages, while not allowing any recovery for non-economic damages like permanent disability or loss of enjoyment of life.

In order to recover for catastrophic non-economic losses following an Uber/Lyft accident in Levittown, a plaintiff or their local lawyer would have to file a separate civil lawsuit. However, it is usually very difficult to hold rideshare companies liable for their driver’s actions in these kinds of claims. Since most rideshare drivers are classified as independent contractors, the doctrine of respondeat superior does not apply, meaning their employer could not bear vicarious liability for their actions.

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Ubers, Lyfts, and other rideshare vehicles are everywhere on Pennsylvania roads today, making them more likely to be involved in serious roadway accidents. While rideshare companies tend to provide generous insurance coverage for victims of accidents their drivers cause or become involved in, this coverage is not available in every situation, and it can be difficult to pursue compensation through even when it does apply.

Fortunately, a Levittown Uber/Lyft accident lawyer at our firm can help determine how to proceed with your case. To schedule a consultation and discuss what may be possible in your unique situation, call our office today.

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