• If you’re injured because another person was negligent, an experienced Lancaster County personal injury lawyer at KaplunMarx will provide sound legal advice, represent you aggressively and fight for the best possible resolution to your personal injury claim.
  • KaplunMarx accepts nothing less than the full compensation amount that a client is entitled to by law. If an acceptable settlement is not forthcoming in private negotiations, we will take your case to court and ask a jury to order the payment of your compensation.
  • The highly-rated personal injury attorneys at KaplunMarx are ready right now to fight for the compensation that you need and for the justice that you deserve. You will pay no attorney’s fee until and unless we obtain a settlement or a jury verdict on your behalf.
  • Proving that you are legally entitled to compensation after you’ve been injured requires the talents and skills of an experienced personal injury attorney. Call KaplunMarx today or contact us online to learn more about your rights as an injured victim of negligence.

We Represent Injury Victims and Fight for Their Rights

For more than thirty years, the personal injury attorneys at KaplunMarx have aggressively represented the injured victims of negligence in Lancaster County and throughout the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you have been injured because another party was negligent – a distracted driver, a private property owner or a retailer, or even a healthcare professional – you are entitled by law to full compensation for your injury-related medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Here’s the catch. Being “entitled” to compensation for an injury doesn’t mean that you’re just handed a check. You’ll have to prove that you’ve been injured by the negligence and that you’re entitled to compensation. You’re going to need a good injury attorney’s services and advice.

How Do We Resolve Your Personal Injury Claim?

The legal team at KaplunMarx will use every appropriate legal tool to protect an injury victim’s rights. When we agree to handle your claim, we promptly investigate your accident and injury to determine what actually happened and which party should be held accountable.

We review the statements of witnesses, medical records, and if you were injured in a traffic crash, the police accident report. In some cases, your attorney may seek additional help with your claim from accident reconstruction authorities or medical experts.

Most personal injury claims are settled through private, out-of-court negotiations, but if you are not offered an acceptable settlement figure, your KaplunMarx attorney will take your case to trial and ask a jury to order payment of the compensation that is rightfully yours.

When You’re Injured, What Steps Should You Take?

Whether you are injured by a negligent driver, by slipping and falling on someone else’s property, by a biting dog, or by a negligent medical provider, you must obtain an immediate medical examination – even if you feel great.

A latent injury can emerge days or even weeks later as a serious medical situation, and without an immediate medical exam after an accident, you may not be able to link your injury directly to the accident – which means that you won’t be able to pursue compensation.

Keep and copy all of your test results, medical bills, and insurance papers. If you are injured in a traffic accident, summon the police and find out how and when you can have a printed copy of their written accident report, which could become important evidence in your case.

As soon as you’ve been seen by a doctor – that’s always the first priority after an accident of any kind – contact an experienced accident attorney at KaplunMarx to discuss your rights and the best way to proceed with your personal injury claim.

What Cases Do We Handle?

Most injury claims are generated by traffic accidents, but if you are injured by negligence in any type of accident scenario in or near Lancaster County, injury attorneys at KaplunMarx are available and ready to fight on your behalf – right now. Here are some of the cases we handle:

Premises Liability

We represent the victims of accidents that happen on private property or in commercial establishments. If you’re struck by falling merchandise. or if you slip-and-fall on a wet floor at a supermarket or restaurant, for example, contact us at once.

Property owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have a legal obligation to maintain their properties safely for tenants, customers, visitors, and passers-by. If you trip and injure yourself on your neighbor’s cracked sidewalk, or if a neighbor’s dog attacks you, contact us at once.

On-the-job Injuries

We also advise and represent those who are injured on the job. We help construction workers – and other on-the-job injury victims – file workers’ compensation claims, and we will handle an appeal on your behalf if your claim for workers’ compensation benefits is rejected.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to pay for your medical bills and partially reimburse you for lost wages after a job-related injury. Usually, that happens, but injury victims are sometimes denied the benefits they’ve earned, deserve, and desperately need. We can help.

And in some cases, if a party other than your employer has any responsibility for a workplace accident that injures you, you may be able to pursue a “third-party” personal injury claim – while you receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Medical Malpractice

When a medical professional act negligently while providing healthcare, and a patient’s injury or wrongful death is the result of that negligence, the patient or the surviving family members may be entitled to damages.

Medical malpractice can happen when a medical professional fails to adhere to proper procedures, misdiagnoses a medical condition, prescribes the wrong medication, or commits a surgical mistake. If a patient is injured, it’s probably medical malpractice.

Contact an experienced Lancaster County personal injury lawyer with KaplunMarx at once if you are a medical malpractice victim. You should also contact us if you are injured by a biting dog, in a swimming pool accident, or in any other accident situation in or near Lancaster County.

Additionally, we represent the survivors of wrongful death victims. It may be emotionally difficult to speak with an attorney after suddenly losing someone you love, but a wrongful death attorney at KaplunMarx can help your family move positively and constructively into the future.

Our Legal Team is Ready to Work for You

With our substantial record of success on behalf of injury victims, KaplunMarx has established a reputation for legal excellence. If you’ve been injured because another person was negligent, we will fight aggressively for your rights, but the first step is yours. You must make the call.

Our main office is in downtown Philadelphia, but we also have offices in Marlton, New Jersey, and in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Call KaplunMarx at (610) 660-7780 to learn more about your rights – and more about how we can help.