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Allentown Dog Bite Accident Attorney - Get the Compensation You Deserve

Are you in need of an Allentown dog bite accident attorney? When you're looking for the best legal representation for a dog bite injury, you want a team of experienced professionals who will get you the most out of your claim. A dog bite injury attorney is something many people don't think they will ever need, but unfortunately, legal representation is sometimes the only way to get rightful compensation after an injury. Get the compensation you deserve with an attorney that knows the intricacies of Allentown law.

Legal Liability For a Dog Bite Injury

Dog bite injuries can be severe with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. To that effect, many US states have adopted laws that hold the animal owner responsible for any damages and losses that their pet may cause. Known as “strict liability” in most states, this means the animal's owner is liable regardless of whether or not the incident could have been foreseen.

In cases where strict liability does not apply, a case must establish an element of negligence on the part of the animal’s owner. In these cases, it must be shown that the owner was aware of their pet’s aggressive behavior and failed to take reasonable steps to address it or prevent it from occurring. Additionally, evidence must show that the animal owner was negligent in their care and supervision of the pet. Fortunately for victims in Allentown, the state of Pensylvania follows a strict liability dog bite statute which makes your case fairly straight-forward.

Those who have suffered physical and emotional injury due to a dog bite should know not only what their rights are but also how they can seek restitution for their medical expenses and damages incurred due to the attack. Our experienced Allentown dog bite injury attornies are ready to help you with your claim.

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately 4.5 million dog bites annually in the United States.
  • Approximately 26,000 people require reconstructive surgery due to dog attacks each year.
  • In Pennsylvania, any dog owner can be liable for damages suffered by a person bitten by an animal, regardless of the owner’s prior knowledge of the dog's viciousness.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Attorney

Working with an experienced dog bite accident attorney can provide a number of significant benefits. Having the expertise and resources available to navigate through the complexities of legal proceedings can be invaluable. Our experienced attorneys have the knowledge to create an effective strategy for each client, to ensure their interests are protected, and to obtain the best possible outcome.

One of the primary advantages of working with an attorney is that they can determine if filing a legal claim or lawsuit is in your best interests. In some cases, it might be advisable to accept a settlement or reach an agreement outside of court, depending on the specific facts and circumstances. An experienced attorney will assess the situation and determine which action is most suitable for your unique case.

When building a case, an experienced attorney can access medical records, organize evidence, contact witnesses, build argumentative strategies and consult experts as necessary. The benefits of enlisting knowledgeable representation is often worth the cost incurred.

Comprehensive Legal Advice

Comprehensive legal advice is essential when seeking compensation for a dog bite accident. Your attorney will provide the necessary counsel to evaluate the situation and create a legal strategy that best suits your individual needs. Your lawyer will review whether medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, or other hardships have occurred as a result of the dog bite. If applicable, they will be able to pursue an array of punitive damages that may be available. 

Experienced Representation in Court

When faced with a dog bite injury, victims often feel overwhelmed and uncertain of their legal options. Experienced representation in court is essential to obtaining the compensation that you deserve. A qualified Allentown dog bite injury attorney will provide invaluable legal advice and vigorously fight for your rights. They will explore a wide range of available options, including negotiations and litigation. They can also represent you in court proceedings and appeal to judges when necessary.

Your attorney can also investigate any potential additional sources of liability such as owners, property managers, or landlords who may have been negligent. 

Understanding Victims' Rights After a Dog Bite Injury

When a victim is injured by a dog bite, they have the right to pursue legal action. Under state law, any person attacked by a dog may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses related to the incident. It is important for victims to understand their rights in order to protect themselves from further harm.

The first step in understanding your rights after a dog bite injury is to determine who is liable for the attack. The owner of the dog is typically held responsible for the actions of their pet, though there are some exceptions. In some cases, landlords or property owners may also be held liable if they were aware of a dog’s dangerous tendencies or had been warned about them. Additionally, any party that caused or contributed to the injury may also be found liable.

Once the liable parties have been established, a civil claim may be filed against them. This process involves filing paperwork in court requesting compensatory and punitive damages. The most important factor determining a case’s outcome is whether the court finds that certain standards of liability have been met.

For victims considering such an option, there are both pros and cons associated with filing a lawsuit over a dog bite accident. In light of this, victims should educate themselves on these potential risks before moving forward with any type of legal action. The following section will provide an overview of the pros and cons of suing over a dog bite accident in order to help victims make an informed decision about their next steps.

Pros and Cons of Suing Over a Dog Bite Accident

When you are the victim of a dog bite accident, you may be frustrated, scared, and in pain. You may wonder if suing the negligent party is the best course of action to receive the right compensation for your injuries. There are factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue a lawsuit.

The main pro of filing a dog bite lawsuit is that in certain cases you may potentially recover more damages from the accident. This may be advisable if your injuries are particularly serious and will require ongoing care. Your attorney can see to it that any punitive or exemplary damages created by gross negligence are also recovered.

While litigation may be the best course of action in some cases, oftentimes negotiating an out-of-court settlement is the better option. Out-of-court settlements can save you time, court costs, and attorney fees, and are often less risky. Our dog bite injury attorneys will be happy to consult with you about your case and help you determine which option is best for you.

Preparing a Dog Bite Injury Case

You can help your attorney to build a strong case by assisting with the following steps. 

Gather Evidence: It’s important to document as much evidence of the incident as possible in order to make a strong case. This may include photos of the injury and the location where it occured, medical records, witness statements, police reports, or any other type of relevant documentation. As much evidence as possible should be gathered in preparation for establishing liability.

Prepare For Negotiations: A competent lawyer will also know how to negotiate with insurers and other parties involved in order to pursue maximum compensation. It’s important to prepare for negotiations by ensuring one has enough evidence and making sure that emotional or personal factors don’t influence the settlement amount requested or offered.

Organize Finances: Many dog bite lawsuits take time to settle, so it’s important to be prepared financially during the entire process. This could include calculating potential legal expenses and any lost wages faced during recovery from an injury, in order to determine if pursuing a suit would make financial sense or not. Again, your attorney may advise you that in your case it may be preferable to settle out of court.


Asked Questions

If you've been injured, you may be entitled to compensation for your present and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Let our Allentown lawyers at KaplunMarx review your case and discuss your legal options. Call (215) 550-1522 or use the form on our website to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers in Allentown, PA.

What are the legal protections that I can expect with a dog bite accident attorney in Allentown?

What are the legal protections that I can expect with a dog bite accident attorney in Allentown?

As a victim of a dog bite accident, you can expect your attorney to take the necessary legal actions to protect your rights and best interests. The protection of your legal rights begins with filing a complaint in court, as well as pursuing civil remedies such as damages for physical and mental pain and suffering, reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages, or possibly punitive damages if the owner is found to be negligent or have acted with malice. Your attorney should also be prepared to argue against statutes of limitations and other defenses raised by the dog's owner or their insurer. If a lawsuit is filed, an experienced attorney will also be able to negotiate with the responsible parties on your behalf regarding settlement payments and other potential compensation that may be available. Ultimately, an experienced Allentown dog bite accident attorney will work hard to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

What qualifications should I look for when selecting a dog bite accident attorney in Allentown?

What qualifications should I look for when selecting a dog bite accident attorney in Allentown?

When selecting an Allentown dog bite accident attorney, it is important to look for the following qualifications:

1. Experience: Look for an attorney who has experience handling dog bite cases in Allentown. Ask the attorney how many cases they have handled and what types of compensation amounts they have achieved for clients in similar situations.

2. Knowledge: Make sure that your chosen attorney is knowledgeable about the laws related to dog bites and personal injuries in Pennsylvania. They should also be familiar with local ordinances and statutes so that they can successfully navigate through the legal process.

3. Reputation: Check with the state bar association or other legal resources to find out if any complaints have been filed against the lawyer or their practice. This will help you ensure that the attorney is reputable and reliable. You should also read online reviews and ask colleagues or friends who have used the same lawyer for recommendations.

4. Communication: It's important that you feel comfortable communicating with your attorney so make sure to ask them questions about their communication style during your initial consultation. You want an attorney who is accessible and open to understanding all aspects of your case, including any emotional impact it has had on you and/or your family.

At KaplunMarx, we’re confident that you’ll be completely satisfied working with our experienced attorneys. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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