Motor vehicle wrecks happen every day and can lead to many different types of injuries. Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of motor vehicle crash. If someone hits the back of your car, you may be subject to intense harm and lasting losses.

It might seem that determining liability for a vehicle accident is straightforward, however, the reality is most claims like this can be quite complicated. A lawyer familiar with rear-end car accidents in Delaware County can help you navigate the claim process. An accomplished vehicle wreck attorney can defend you against the insurance companies that may try to limit your recovery.

Injuries in Rear-End Car Crashes

Back-end collisions often result in sudden jerking motions in the head, neck, and back which is why whiplash is common in these types of accidents. Whiplash is when the tendons and muscles in the neck stretch or tear due to forceful motions.

Whiplash is not the only common injury suffered in rear-end car crashes. People may suffer a wide variety of damages in these types of wrecks. Additional injuries that are common include:

  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Low back trauma
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Chest and rib trauma from the seatbelt
  • Wrist injuries from pushing into the steering wheel
  • Leg and knee trauma
  • Ankle and foot damage

An experienced Delaware County attorney understands the severity of the injuries that may result from rear-end crashes and could aid the claimant by ensuring those losses are paid for by the liable party.

Who is at Fault in Delaware County Back-End Accidents?

Proving who is responsible is essential to recovering compensation for damages sustained in a wreck like this. Determining who the responsible party is for a vehicle collision like this might seem to be a simple task, however, it is not always solely the fault of the vehicle in the back of a rear-end accident.

Although a driver in the back is required to operate their vehicle attentively and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, they may not be solely liable for the wreck. For instance, a front driver may have had brake lights that were not functioning correctly, causing the rear driver to not notice the front car was slowing down. If faulty car parts caused or contributed to a rear-end collision, the vehicle parts manufacturers may then be liable.

If the claimant is partially at fault for a crash, they may still be able to seek compensation for their damages. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102, state law permits an injured individual to recover damages even if they were partly at fault. In this case, the amount of compensation will be diminished by the percentage of negligence by the plaintiff. A Delaware County attorney knowledgeable in back-end car accidents could evaluate someone’s case to determine who is responsible.

Contact a Delaware County Rear-End Car Crash Attorney Today

Rear-end wrecks are a common type of motor vehicle crash that may result in minor to severe life-changing injuries. Insurance companies are familiar with these types of cases and may try to undervalue an injured person’s claim. If you suffer injuries from a back-end vehicle collision, do not face a large insurance company on your own.

A lawyer well-versed in rear-end car accidents in Delaware County could help present your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. Speak with one of our dedicated attorneys today to evaluate your legal options.