Accidents involving pedestrians are some of the more severe and catastrophic cases in the legal system. People traveling by foot do not benefit from protections offered by vehicles, such as airbags, a steel frame, or seatbelts. If a driver strikes someone walking due to inattention or reckless behavior, they a local injury attorney could hold them legally liable for the resulting damages.

A Bucks County pedestrian accident lawyer could help you seek financial compensation for the financial and personal losses you have suffered after being hit by a vehicle. Legal representation could put you in a better position to obtain the damages to which you are entitled.

Compensation for People Hit by Car While Walking

In Bucks County, insurance is required for all drivers, but not all insurance policies are created equally. The insurance system distinguishes between full tort and limited tort plans. Limited tort policies force injured parties to seek recovery for any medical costs caused by a collision involving a vehicle through the driver’s own insurance. Full tort allows drivers to pursue personal damages from a defendant regardless of insurance restrictions. For pedestrians, their rights to non-economic recovery are not limited to their own insurance policies – only in cases where a motor vehicle occupant is injured.

Lawsuits can quickly become complicated for pedestrians that do not have automobile insurance plans. In these cases, lawsuits are typically recommended, especially for serious claims where catastrophic harm or death occurred.

Unfortunately, insurance companies can deny any claim determined to be beyond the insurance policy’s scope. Claims can be dismissed if it determined the pedestrian:

  • Was distracted or not paying attention
  • Crossed the street where there was no crosswalk
  • Sprinted into the roadway in front of vehicles
  • Struck the vehicle

These cases can also be dismissed if the claims were pre-existing. Utilizing a Bucks County attorney’s services is critical to avoid having a pedestrian injury claim denied for improper reasons.

Claims Process for Injured Pedestrians in Bucks County

When the average person thinks about filing a claim, they often believe that involves going to trial. In reality, most claims never make it to the courthouse.

The settlement process involves discussions with the insurance claims handler. While some handlers make low offers to save the insurance company money, others make reasonable offers to avoid the expense of litigating the claim in court. Careful records of these negotiations must be kept to ensure the insurance company is operating lawfully concerning a harmed pedestrian’s claim.

If a pre-suit settlement cannot be reached, demand letters and pleadings are drafted and sent to the appropriate parties. This involves hiring a process server to serve the negligent vehicle driver. Pleadings generally contain a brief description of the accident, and general statement as to the injuries claimed. A local accident lawyer could assist the injured pedestrian by obtaining medical documents to properly address each claim, organizing evidence, negotiating with defense attorneys, appearing in court for discovery conferences, and, if necessary, trying the case to verdict.

Cases are also decided outside of court. Mediations offer parties opportunities to utilize an independent party to assess the claim and provide a recommendation for settlement. Arbitration presents the litigants the chance for a binding, limited trial, without jurors, before a neutral arbitrator. These alternative dispute resolutions are often explored in cases where the facts are not suitable for a jury, such as those where comparative negligence applies. Comparative negligence, or fault, applies to instances where the claimant’s actions may have contributed to the accident.

Get in Touch with a Bucks County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Seasoned attorneys carefully assess each case’s facts to determine whether the case should be heard by a jury, arbitrator, or should settle without a formal presentation. Contact a Bucks County pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss your claim during your initial case consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.