Side-impact car accidents in Bucks County include collisions commonly known as broadside and T-bone crashes. If the side of your vehicle was struck by a negligent driver, causing you harm, you should speak with an experienced local attorney.

Since the sides of vehicles offer little in terms of protection for their occupants, the resulting harm from these collisions can be substantial. A hardworking legal representative could help you seek fair compensation for all your personal and financial losses stemming from the crash.

Understanding T-bone Accidents

In a T-bone accident, a car is struck at a perpendicular angle on its side by another vehicle’s front end and are most prevalent in intersections. T-bone collisions can occur when a driver runs a red light and drives into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Unfortunately, as these collisions often occur at high speeds, the resulting injuries can often be catastrophic. The side panels of automobiles are generally not as impact resistant as the front or rear ends, and therefore may not be strong enough to prevent substantial physical injuries. The occupants of the vehicle that is T-boned may suffer soft tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back trauma, and spinal cord damage. In especially severe cases, these wrecks can be fatal.

When this type of side-impact vehicle wreck occurs, it is vital for the injured party to seek representation from a skilled lawyer in the area. While the claimant receives the necessary medical treatment, a hardworking attorney could help collect evidence of the accident, such as photos of the scene and the police report.

How Dangerous are Sideswipe Collisions?

When the sides of two vehicles collide, this is sometimes referred to as a sideswipe collision. Sideswipe accidents can occur on the freeway or other motorways when a driver veers out of their lane and into another motorist. While sometimes these accidents only cause damage to the vehicles involved, these side-impact crashes can also result in the automobiles spinning out or overturning, which can result in devastating harm, especially if there is oncoming traffic.

Vehicle occupants may suffer broken bones, head trauma, spine damage, and lacerations. If the collision results in one or both vehicles overturning, the occupants will likely suffer crushing injuries that could lead to paralysis or even death. A seasoned attorney in Bucks County experienced with handling side-impact auto accident cases could ensure the injured parties are fairly compensated for the substantial damages they have endured.

Learn More About Side-Impact Car Accidents from a Bucks County Attorney

Despite every precaution that drivers may take to drive attentively and follow the rules of the road, auto collisions can still occur and often will leave a lasting impact. Negligence, recklessness, or inattentive driving often contribute to vehicle crashes and are grounds for civil litigation.

If you were involved in a side-impact car accident in Bucks County, call an experienced local attorney to see what your legal options may be under the circumstances. However, the statute of limitations limits the time you have to file a claim, so contact our office today to speak with our team.