Bucks County Pennsylvania Car CrashRear-end auto collisions are common occurrences and can be some of the most severe roadway accidents. Nearly a quarter of all car wrecks in Pennsylvania were rear-end collisions.

If you were involved in a rear-end car accident in Bucks County, it is important that you document your injuries and damages with photographs and medical reports as soon as possible. An experienced Bucks County, PA accidents attorney can use the photos and medical reports to help you pursue any compensation available to you.

Causes of Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those who are struck from behind by another vehicle usually do not have a chance to anticipate and brace for impact, which can oftentime make injuries more severe. Because of the nature of rear-end motor vehicle accidents there is generally no time for a person to brace themselves and prepare for the impact, making the sudden collision and injurie’s sustained that much more traumatic. Common injuries that are a result of a rear-end car crashes are: whiplash, concussion, radiating pain from the neck through the arms and hands, radiating pain from the back into the legs and feet, fractures and broken bones, spinal cord injury, TBI and even death. These types of collisions are most often caused by negligence, carelessness and/or recklessness on the part of the driver in the back.

In Bucks County, lawyers often see rear-endings caused by motorists following too closely, speeding, engaging in distracted driving, or even driving under the influence of intoxicants. In cases where driver fault or negligence is involved, there may be grounds for filing a lawsuit.

Who is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

There is a common perception that the driver of the vehicle that rear-ends another vehicle is always at fault. This is often the truth, as there is law in Pennsylvania commonly called the “assured clear distance” or maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you to make sure you can safely break before striking the vehicle in front.

Issues that will factor into a determination of fault include whether there were faulty tail lights on the vehicle that was rear ended, whether the driver of the car that did the rear-ending was speeding or following too closely behind the other car, as well as outside influences such as poor road conditions or bad weather. If the collision was part of a pile-up of vehicles or there was another accident occurring at the time of the crash, these are some of the facts that will be considered while evaluating a rear-end auto collision case.

Legal Deadline to File a Claim in Bucks County

In Bucks County and throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations on personal injury matters is generally two years from the incident that caused the injury. Therefore, those who were injured in a rear-end vehicle crash in the area should seek legal representation promptly after the wreck. Prompt medical treatment is also important for medical and legal reasons, as it can help to illustrate the connection between the accident and the injury, as well as document both financial and human losses.

Discuss Rear-End Car Accidents with a Bucks County, PA Attorney Today

Rear-end car accidents in Bucks County are an unfortunately common occurrence and can result in substantial property damage as well as severe injuries for drivers and passengers. In some situations, there may be a legal right to compensation for these injuries and damages if the other driver was behaving negligently.

With a experienced and knowledgeable local injury attorney on your side, you could assess your legal options for compensation with confidence. Contact our law frim today and schedule a free case consultation with our team of trustworthy attorneys. We look forward to speaking with you.