You’re enjoying a fun night out in town with friends or are heading to a business meeting. You hail an Uber to get home or to your meeting because it’s cheap and convenient. This is not just you, but a significant percentage of Americans today. Rideshare services such as Uber are gaining in popularity with every passing day. But a lot of people don’t actually know what to do and what happens when their Uber or rideshare vehicle crashes.

There are a number of questions that arise in such a scenario. Who caused the crash? Was the Uber driver at fault? Was some other motorist to blame for the crash? Did you sustain injuries in the car accident? Can Uber be held liable for the injuries, damages and losses you sustained as a result of the car accident? Depending on the nature and circumstances of the incident, the answers to these questions can get increasingly complicated.

Actions to Take After a Crash

If you have been injured while traveling in an Uber or any rideshare vehicle, there are certain steps you would be well advised to take in order to protect your rights. First, make sure you and your fellow travelers are safe. If you are not, get to a safe location. Call 911, which will get local police to the scene of the crash. If you or someone else requires medical attention, first responders will also be dispatched. If you are injured, it would be in your best interest to go to the emergency room or hospital.

If you are able to do so, it is important to get crucial information from the scene of the accident. You may already have some of the information on your Uber app. But, in addition to that, you might want to collect other pertinent information such as the insurance policy number and contact information. You should get these details not only from your Uber driver, but also from other parties involved in the crash including other drivers. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania car accident lawyer who can stay abreast of the official investigation and help protect your rights.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

As we know, when we want to call an Uber, we install an Uber app on our smartphones. We request rides through the app. This essentially connects us with a driver who is nearby. While Uber manages the app and signs up the driver, it does not consider the driver its employee. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors. They are expected to carry their own auto insurance. So, when a crash involving an Uber vehicle occurs, the company is likely to argue that it’s not a taxi company, but a tech company that provides the platform. However, it is important to know that Uber ‘s insurance coverage per ride for passengers is $1 million.

Still, those involved in an Uber crash can find it challenging to file a claim against Uber and win. The best way to overcome these challenges and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve is to contact an experienced Pennsylvania Uber car accident lawyer who can help protect your rights. These cases could become intimidating and challenging. You need a knowledgeable accident attorney on your side who will fight hard to get you the compensation you need.