Uber, the popular ride-sharing service, is taking the nation by storm, as the service surges, however, the number of Uber car accident cases continue to rise as well (this includes other similar services such as Lyft). If you have been hurt while using one of these ride-sharing services, contact our PA car accident attorneys right away for more information on your rights. Many of the 10 car accident tips we have shared apply Uber car accident cases, but there are some key differences we get into below.

Complexities of Uber Car Accidents

Uber automobile accidents can stir up a number of complex legal debates. Technically, Uber does not employ their drivers like a traditional taxi service does. Rather, they take the stance that they simply facilitate connecting drivers with riders. Drivers have their own insurance policies, but they often do not cover commercial accidents. Adding to the danger, Uber drivers do not have to undergo any special training to provide transportation services. Uber carries $1 million liability coverage for any accidents, and requires that drivers also carry insurance. Uber insurance, however, is only activated while the driver is transporting passengers.

While it is easy enough to order a Uber to pick you up, Uber is notoriously difficult to reach after an accident. There is no phone number you can call to speak to an agent. Instead, you must email them and wait for a response. Obviously this makes communication after an accident difficult, at best. This is precisely why you need an accident attorney if you are hurt while in a Uber, we will fight these communication battle so that you are free to focus on healing and recovery from your injuries.

Uber Driver Issues

Many individuals have reported that some Uber drivers are reckless, dangerous, and inattentive while driving. This behavior just adds the to the likelihood of accidents. By their nature, Uber drivers may be distracted by their phones and handheld devices as they use them to locate their next fare. This means their eyes may be off the road and their attention could be on their electronic device. Uber accidents may result in a number of injuries, including broken bones, internal injuries, concussions, abrasions and lacerations, and back injuries.

Pedestrians Hurt in Uber Accidents

It is important to know that you may pursue claims against Uber even if you were a pedestrian hit by a Uber driver or the driver of another vehicle in an accident with an Uber driver. In other words, Uber’s policy affects anyone that is injured due to the negligence of an Uber driver.

Uber Car Accident Attorney at Your Service

If you have been hurt in an Uber accident, it is critical that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Investigation into the accident needs to happen immediately, this can preserve key evidence that often has a way of getting lost in no time. Furthermore, as discussed above, just getting a hold of someone at Uber to deal with an accident claim is a battle that can be very frustrating without an attorney who can streamline the process for you. If Uber, or their insurance company, gets a hold of you, be weary of signing any paperwork – the adjuster may try to get you to settle for far less than you deserve, or may bully you or imply that you are trying to receive unjust compensation. Don’t let any of that worry you, we will explain the process, represent your interests and get you results for your injury case.

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