I drive to the car accident law firm of KaplunMarx every day, usually via Roosevelt Boulevard, and every day without fail I see other drivers texting while driving. I don’t mean just texting, this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the countless other apps that are available to us. I am truly astonished at how many people are involved in such a dangerous and stupid activity, which can result in car accidents and possible criminal charges.

Take a look at the statistics of texting and driving

  • In 2011, 23% of automobile crashes involved the use of cell phones in the U.S., that number, along with our access to new apps and faster phones is bound to rise
  • texting and driving means you are 23 times more likely to be involved in an auto accident,
  • 5 seconds is the minimal amount of time that you attention is taken from the road while texting and driving,
  • During those 5 seconds, if you are driving 55 mph you would have driven the length of a football field.

So why do people engage in this risky of an activity? The answer is because many people overestimate their multi-tasking ability, thinking that they can confidently text and drive – plain and simple, they are wrong. The statistics show it, and we have real-life examples such as the landmark case in Massachusetts treats distracted drivers as criminals.

In Pennsylvania & New Jersey, States that we practice law in (among the majority of States in this county), it is illegal to use your cell phone while driving to send or receive texts, emails, or messages of any kind. Liability in a personal injury lawsuit becomes a great deal more obvious if the other driver was texting, and criminal charges can be brought against them as well. The bottom line, if you have texted and drove – STOP! It is never worth the risk, I am sure your text, tweet or status update can wait until your safety at your destination. If you’re injured by a driver who was texting and driving contact the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at KaplunMarx – we can help.

Source: www.textinganddrivingsafety.com/texting-and-driving-stats