A young girl was involved in a SEPTA accident on 11/14/2013, and is believed to have suffered severe head trauma. At this point the extent of her injuries are unknown, but this type of tragedy could certainly been prevented.  From accounts at the scene, it looks like the girls father had lost his footing while holding the 1 year old girl, who was struck in the head by the oncoming SEPTA train. Initially this seems to be just an unfortunate accident, but from the perspective of a SEPTA accident lawyer, an investigation of the underlying facts needs to be undertaken, specifically is a yellow painted line enough to fulfill SEPTA’s duty of care towards its passengers?

As a SEPTA accident lawyer, in my opinion, when it comes to protection, a yellow line painted on the floor just doesn’t cut it. In today’s technologically advanced world, would it be too difficult to install a sensor that warns people who have crossed the yellow line or maybe good old fashioned guardrails. I am sure safety (and cost) will be an ongoing conversation that SEPTA will need to address, but in the meanwhile this unfortunate accident will have life-lasting consequences on this poor little girl.

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