Your out shopping in Center City Philadelphia on Walnut Street, one of the highest rent and busiest shopping corridors in the entire city, when “BAM” the roof caves in. That is exactly what happened on Tuesday afternoon inside the Lululemon Philadelphia store located at 1529 Walnut Street. Employees and witnesses said they heard a loud noise and it is believed that bricks from a neighboring building came crashing down on the roof, causing the collapse – 3 shoppers at the store were trapped under debris and sustained injuries. The million dollar question surrounding the roof collapse is who is at fault?

Who is at Fault?

The question of who is at fault is often at the center of premises liability claims, with many parties who may have had culpability trying to lay off blame to the other.  Section 343 of the Restatement of Torts spells out the duty owed to an “invitee”( or persons who are invited to a property for the benefit of the property owner – such as a customer); Under Section 343, invitees are owed: a duty of ordinary care and maintenance of the property and premises which may include an obligation to conduct regular inspections of the property.

Understanding the duty owed in the Lululemon roof collapse still leaves for a whole lot of property owners, and others who may have liability in this case, that is precisely why retaining a Philadelphia personal injury attorney is so important, exploring who’s responsible for injuries in this case will take time and multiple parties may be taken to task. Off the top of my head, several parties would be looked to – the building owner, the neighboring building owner, the store themselves, property managers, roofers, and maintenance companies should be looked at.

The bottom line is the customers who were shopping never in their wildest dreams thought they would be hurt – exploring who is at fault is something an experienced Philadelphia personal injury law firm will do. If you have been hurt because of premises liability issue, whether it be the Lululemon roof collapse, a falling brick, slip and fall or otherwise, calling a personal injury lawyer and figuring out who is at fault is key to protecting your rights.

Source: Falling Bricks at LuLuLemon Philadelphia Store