The HealthBridge Highlight Hour, hosted by Joe Dougherty and Dr. Matthew Marcus, speaks with a founding partner of KaplunMarx, Attorney Jonathan Marx. Jonathan Marx is a personal injury litigation attorney and has been practicing law for 35 years. Jonathan alone has tried hundreds of cases, with millions of dollars in compensation awarded to his clients. Jonathan and his co-founder Ted Kaplun established their firm when they were interested in a new experience and felt a strong working relationship through their partnership.

About KaplunMarx

Their firm has a long history of helping clients who have been injured, with most cases related to motor vehicle incidents. Jonathan attributes the majority of the firm’s success to the culture that he and Ted have created. They have been able to focus heavily on their Human Resources department to hire great staff. The partners thought it was essential to hire staff who are committed to the growth of the business, which in turn, leads to solid attorney-client relationships. KaplunMarx also takes pride in the straightforward nature they use when handling cases. Attorneys at the firm avoid sugar coating and set realistic expectations for their clients. They also strongly emphasize having an open line of communication with their clients, including personal communication like texting, which has been especially effective during the pandemic.

Partnering with HealthBridge Chiropractic

The firm helps individual clients from the beginning to the end of each case and encourages clients to focus on their injuries and the healing process. With this mindset, KaplunMarx has partnered with HealthBridge Chiropractic to create a mutually beneficial relationship between patients and litigation. The firm can suggest medical care providers to their clients. At the same time, HealthBridge can reach out to the firm for fact-checking and easier access to medical records. Click here to listen to The HealthBridge Highlight Hour, featuring Jonathan Marx.