Suffering a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence is no one’s idea of fun. In some cases, you may even be able to pursue compensation. But, before reaching out to the other party, it’s important to speak with a personal injury attorney. Hiring an attorney will help you understand your options and how you should proceed.

If you’ve never had to hire an attorney before, it can seem like a daunting process. However, asking the right questions upfront will lead you to find a qualified individual. Read on to learn 4 questions you should be asking before hiring an injury law firm.

What is your experience with personal injury cases and what were the results?

This no-brainer question gives you the most valuable insight about an injury law firm.
Do they have considerable experience handling personal injury cases? Have they been successful in handling these cases?

Past experience shows that a law firm has more than just background knowledge. It means they have acquired the necessary skills and expertise to produce results. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask for references from past clients. If they have a portfolio, even better.

What costs would I be responsible for?

Often times, personal injury cases are handled by way of contingency fees. This means that you wouldn’t be responsible for paying a fee unless you win.

Usually, contingency fees are 33% of the settlement. However, you need to be aware of advance case costs in the event you lose. This can be costly, so you should ensure you aren’t responsible even if unsuccessful.

Are you balancing several other cases, currently?

It’s likely a personal injury attorney is overseeing several cases at one time. With this in mind, you should determine if this person has enough time for yours.

You can ask several follow-up questions if they answer ‘yes’ but you feel unsure. Figure out how long it’ll take for your lawsuit to be filed. Also, ask how often they will communicate with you or if they’ll be your main point of contact.

What would I need to do to make this a successful case?

As a client, you should understand your responsibilities to drive a successful case. With personal injury lawsuits, there may be certain steps you need to take. This can mean visiting your family physician or seeking other medical attention. Also, it can mean more technical responsibility such as submitting forms, for example.

Designating responsibility from the beginning will prevent miscommunication issues later down the road.
Having said that, you should also be aware of the attorney’s actions and the steps they take to resolve your case.

Looking To Hire An Injury Law Firm?

We understand how stressful hiring an attorney can be. Anyone and everyone claims to be ‘the best’ but can’t quite back themselves up.

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